What makes you glow? Meet NUORI Gentle Glow Tonic

October 26, 2022 NUORI, Skincare

NUORI have just launched their Gentle Glow Tonic and we’re celebrating – finally a glow-boosting formula that is gentle enough for all!

NUORI have re-invented the acid toner! Meet Gentle Glow Tonic. We know what you’re thinking; “toners dry my skin out”, or “acids aren’t suitable for my sensitive skin”, or maybe, “toners are full of alcohol and sensitizing fragrance.” But we did say re-invented for a reason. This is an innovative product like nothing you’ve tried. NUORI have created an all-natural skincare toner that exfoliates and hydrates for a healthy glow. So, get ready to glow!

The Inspiration behind Gentle Glow Tonic

NUORI Gentle Glow Tonic was born out of NUORI founder Jasmi Bonnén’s dream to create a new generation acid toner that would actually respect the skin’s natural barrier and moisture balance, while still creating an enviable glow.

When the first acid toners were introduced to the market, Jasmi instantly fell in love with the concept: “This was a category of products that brilliantly combined the efficacy of highly active formulas with a daily-use product. Suddenly, you could achieve glowing skin every day of the year with just one quick and easy extra step in your daily routine. It was almost too good to be true”, Jasmi recalls.

However, as many of us discovered, this first generation of acid toners weren’t for everyone. “Traditional exfoliating acids commonly used within this product category, such as glycolic acid (GA) and lactic acid (LA), require either high concentrations, or very low pH value to be active”, Jasmi explains. “The immediate results can be exciting, but prolonged use of strong acid toners with very low pH values disrupt the skin’s own pH level and can result in a weakened barrier, and a thinner and dehydrated skin that is prone to inflammation.”

Developing something fresh

The team at NUORI went to work creating a supercharged, yet gentle-enough acid toner for everyone. They replaced the glycolic and lactic acids with glow-boosting lactobionic acid and an innovative mix of fruit extracts that are highly tolerated by the skin – and with naturally occurring AHA content.

The result is an exfoliating toner that not only renews skin surface, but also nourishes and increases skin hydration for a healthy and super-glowing skin. That’s right – an exfoliating product that actually hydrates at the same time.

Those with sensitive skin will rejoice that Gentle Glow Tonic is fragrance free, alcohol free and is suited to all skin types and tones. We know this toner is going to be a game-changer for teens and is equally beneficial at every stage through to post-menopausal skin.

To celebrate the launch of NUORI Gentle Glow Tonic at Andersen Beauty, we’re running an incredible competition to help you boost your glow! To win a Gentle Glow Tonic for you and two friends, head over to our Instagram and enter the competition by telling us, What makes you glow?

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