The Ipsum Skin Face Oil We Can’t Live Without

August 24, 2023 Ipsum, Skincare

Introducing Ipsum Skin Face Oil Intense Treatment

If you’ve just read our guide to face oils, you already know why you need one in your skincare kit. But we want to talk about one very special face oil – more than a face oil – the Ipsum Best Skin Face Oil Intense is a game changing skincare treatment. It’s nourishing to dry skin, balancing to break-out prone and calming to both skin and mood. It also has incredible aromatherapy benefits and even helps regulate your sleep cycle when jet-lag is in play. Consider this facial oil a relaxing holiday, for your skin.

What is Ipsum Skin?

Ipsum Skin is an Australian skincare collection created by former beauty journalist, author and skincare guru, Janet Hayward.

With over 25 years of industry experience – learning, writing and trialling hundreds of products that passed her desk, Janet has collected a wealth of knowledge on the subject of beauty and natural botanicals. This wisdom culminated in a line of meticulously formulated products that are supremely effective while providing the ultimate sensorial experience. Without compromises, this is skincare that delivers a blissful self-care routine while protecting and correcting your skin.

“The more I spoke with cosmetic chemists and formulators, the more I wanted to learn about the intricacies of ingredients and how they work. Plant oils and extracts are bioactive compounds, which means they are easily recognised and readily absorbed into our skin, offering their own unique complex of macro and micro nutrients, including vitamins, antioxidants, fatty acids, peptides and minerals.”

The ultimate face oil

Finding the right face oil for your skin can be a little bit of a goldilocks journey. One too lightweight, one too rich, some formulated with a strong botanical scent that’s adored by some and not by others. When we introduce a new oil into our collection at ANDERSEN it truly has to sit in a league of its own and have a strong reason for being. Our face oils contain the highest quality ingredients, and each perform to the strictest standards.

In selecting Ipsum, we knew we had discovered something truly special. Led by an expert and passionate founder, Ipsum products are trusted for the purity of ingredients, integrity behind the brand’s standards and of course, their results.

When creating Ipsum Skin, the inclusion of a game-changing face oil was at it’s core.

 “I am quite minimalist in my approach to skin care and body care so my main driving force in creating Ipsum was to create an ideal, nutrient-rich Face Oil and Body Oil that would absorb quickly and leave my skin feeling super-nourished, comfortable and radiantly healthy.

Ipsum use pure, potent ingredients that yield serious results. Ipsum Skin is blended and bottled in the clean and beautiful hinterland of Byron Bay in Australia under strict COSMOS regulations. While the complete Ipsum Skin collection targets specific skin concerns and goals, we think the Face Oil Intense Treatment is something extra special.

Face Oil Intense Treatment is an all-year-round favourite because it has the same effect on skin as a great, relaxing holiday or at the least a really good night’s sleep! It contains Fragonia which has potent anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties so it works topically to protect, soothe and heal skin – and also has incredible aromatherapy benefits that help to clear respiratory congestion, balance emotions and stimulate the body’s own melatonin which regulates the sleep cycle. For this reason I never travel without it because it offers great protection in the aircraft cabin and also helps to alleviate – even eliminate – symptoms of jet-lag!”

This incredible elixir has an intoxicating scent that is both uplifting and calming. We recommend applying it to damp skin, either directly after cleansing or after misting the skin with Ipsum’s Replenishing Mist for extra calming and re-hydrating benefits. It can also be used on dry skin, and mixed with a foundation for a more sheer or luminous finish. Whether applied in the morning or evening, as part of your daily skincare routine or as a weekly treatment, this facial oil is one that will always be in our beauty bag.

The (skincare) reviews are in

We love hearing how much you love the Ipsum Skin range in store; the scents, the textures – the results. When it comes to the Ipsum Skin Face Oil Intense Treatment, the reviews speak for themselves.

“Beautiful facial oil. Smells incredible and sinks in really nicely. Skin feels soft and hydrated.”

“FABULOUS! If I could give this 6 stars I would.”

“What is not to love about this incredible bottle of magic! It smells amazing, feels beautiful and gives you incredible skin. I have always steered clear of face oil because I thought it might be too much oil for my very sensitive skin, but this beautiful oil is a game changer. I alternate this oil with retinol to balance things out and it’s working a treat. This oil is also great for sensitive skin.”

“This product has hydrated my skin immeasurably. My skin was chronically dry, it is a joy to apply this product at night. Read a rave review about this product on Mamamia so had to try it. Thank goodness I did. Thank you Ipsum for creating this Incredible product it is helping me so much.”

the green edit awards 2023 winner ipsum best skin cleansing oil balm

Our Q&A with the Founder

“I trained as a journalist and my background is in radio and tv – I originally worked at the BBC in archive research and news in the UK. But time spent working for a national women’s magazine completely tapped into my love of beauty products! Read more…

Explore the Ipsum Skin collection and be sure to follow us on Instagram for the latest news and product launches.


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