And The Winner Is…Ipsum Best Skin Cleansing Oil Balm

March 18, 2023 Ipsum

While this product has always been a winner to us at Andersen, we’re thrilled to announce the winner of Best Skincare Product at this year’s The Green Edit Awards is…


With an expert beauty panel judging the best conscious and clean beauty products, our gorgeous Ipsum Cleansing Oil Balm was awarded the winner at The Green Edit Awards 2023. With all-natural, organic ingredients and perhaps the perfect texture for a balm cleanser, there is a lot to love about this product. If you’re new to Ipsum, allow us to share why this product should be on your beauty radar.

Organic & natural ingredients

It’s not just choosing natural that is important to Ipsum’s story, it’s the choice of ingredients that have been selected to work together within each product. The Best Skin Cleansing Oil Balm contains Lemon Myrtle, a gently astringent ingredient that helps to unclog, deep-clean and tighten pores.  The addition of Sandalwood helps to calm and soothe the skin. It’s presence in this cleanser means it’s great for anyone looking to reduce inflammation or calm irritated skin. Sandalwood also has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties so it’s great for all skin types, even those with congested skin and breakouts.

The cloud-like texture

It’s one of the first things people tell us about, and one of the first things you’ll fall in love with. Ipsum’s Cleansing Oil Balm has a soft, cloud-like texture that hugs the skin in nourishment like a gorgeous, cozy skincare cushion. Unlike liquid-based cleansing oils, this balm is fabulous for travelling and the balm texture allows for excellent facial massage. So luxurious in touch, you’ll want to massage your skin for hours – perfect for boosting circulation and deep cleansing.

Ipsum Cleansing Oil Balm

Multi-tasking skincare

It might be good for massage while cleansing your skin, but the Best Skin Cleansing Oil Balm can also be used during facial massage and Gua Sha on clean skin. After massage, simply add water to emulsify and rinse off leaving your skin incredibly soft and soothed.

Ipsum’s Cleansing Oil Balm can also double as an excellent shaving balm, and is also an amazing hydration mask. Apply to clean, dry skin and allow the hydrating ingredients to work wonders for 15-20 minutes.

A true multi-tasker, you can also mix the Best Skin Cleansing Oil Balm with Ipsum’s Enzyme MicroPolish for a deep cleanse and gentle exfoliation. Fabulous if your skin is prone to congestion and blackheads, or as a weekly intensive treatment. Exfoliate and hydrate at the same time? We’re there.

A cleanser that really cleans

With Ipsum’s Best Skin Cleansing Oil Balm you get an incredibly thorough, proper cleanse the first time around. This balm melts away makeup (we happily use it to remove mascara and eye makeup) and sunscreen while still being gentle and lightweight – perfect if you’re makeup-free and need a daily cleanser for tackling impurities.

Fall in love with the scent

Ipsum fans know these products feel beautiful, but they also treat the senses with incredible scents to really enhance your beauty ritual. The Oil Cleansing Balm features a light, uplifting fragrance of Lemon Myrtle and Sandalwood that’s both calming and refreshing. It’s an ideal way to start the day, and the perfect wind-down for your evening cleanse. This award winning cleanser really does tick all our beauty boxes.

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