The bestselling Croissant Café perfume is back!

February 3, 2024 Fragrance, Versatile Paris

We saw the DMs, read the emails and heard the cries. We answered: Croissant Café is back in stock!

Taking inspiration from a gourmet French breakfast, Versatile Paris’ bestselling Croissant Café channels Parisian patisseries with warm, gourmand notes of caramel, cappuccino and milky vanilla.

Croissant Café Fragrance Notes

Coffee. Cappuccino. Butter. Onctuous. Creamy. Toasted. Woody. Gourmand. Warm.

Perfume details

Versatile Paris fragrances are small but powerful. This highly concentrated extrait de parfum is concentrated at 32%.
Alcohol-free, the travel-friendly roll-on fragrance is perfect for your handbag. Croissant Café fragrance is original, genderless and vegan.

Best way to apply Croissant Café

Roll-Me for a delicate & sensorial gesture, with zero product loss unlike a traditional spray.
The versatile perfume evolves on your skin. We suggest applying to the neck, wrists, behind the ears, elbows, torso, chest, tip of the hair…anywhere you want this gourmand scent to linger and develop.

Versatile Paris and the concept of conscious beauty

Versatile Paris Croissant Café is produced in France, with less than 3g of plastic, using up-cycled/recylcled/biodegradable materials.

Versatile are committed to donating 3% of sales to RUBAN ROSE to benefit breast cancer research. The ultra transparent formulas are created with zero product loss in mind; roll-on rather than spray away. Croissant Café perfume is alcohol-free, cruelty free and vegan, and free of BHT/BHA, CMR ingredients, UV filters, colorants, and additives.

How long will it last?

Each 15ml bottle has an estimated duration of use between 4 to 6 months* on the basis of 1-2 applications per day. This is equivalent to a 100ml alcoholic spray. Keep Croissant Café close – this bestselling scent has a habit of being devoured by everyone who encounters the gourmand fragrance.

Versatile Paris’ iconic – and environmentally considered – packaging

Recyclables: Recycled paper case / Glass bottle and roll-on ball / PE plastic cover and ball holder / Bio-sourced plastic tamper-evident sticker.
Biodegradable: Recycled paper labels.

Tell me more about Versatile Paris perfumes

Versatile Paris is an innovative fragrance brand by Coralie Frébourg, born from the will to break with the institutional codes of luxury perfumer: no to standardised scents, no to elitist prices, no to the gender divide.

Versatile has a simple wish; to focus on olfactive memories that we all know and to be an alternative to the existing things.

Versatile place human & the respect of the earth at the centre of the development.

7 olfactive moments, inspired by the (real) life of (real) people. 7 instituational ingredients of the perfumery, revisited in new fragrances.

The fragrances are genderless, original and vegan.

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