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February 22

“I think you’ll find that love, actually, is all around”

If there is a lesson to be learnt from the last two years let it be this; human connection – love – has never been more important, more missed, more longed for. After much separation between friends, families and loved ones, through either distance, illness or isolation, we’re using this Valentine’s Day to celebrate love in all it’s forms.

Platonic love that is forged in classrooms, youth hostels or mother’s groups, familial love that runs deep and traverses disagreement and growth, the love between colleagues that instantly click, and of travel buddies that are bonded by profound moments of a shared experience. From lost love that is missed and never forgotten, and the lonesome path of unrequited love, to of course, romantic love for which St Valentine so notably advocates. For all the many forms of love, including – perhaps most importantly – self love, we have you covered with this latest Curation. Whether for a gift for your Valentine, or for yourself, we hope you love the discovery.

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