Salt & Stone


SALT & STONE high performance natural deodorant.

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From the Sea
SALT & STONE is high performance skincare for the active body.

We believe nature is powerful in tandem with skin science. In pursuit of that balance, we have created products that leverage ingredients from ocean to mountain and are carefully formulated for the active body. Our collection is formulated for all skin types, environmental conditions, and physical activities to support movement for wellbeing. Our formulas underscore skin health in harmony with nature.

To explore our connection with the ocean we turn to ingredients derived from the sea. We start with one of the most nutrient dense and diverse living systems of the ocean – algae. Found in many colors, shapes, and sizes, we combine marine extracts to target skin concerns. Leveraging potent antioxidants and bioactive compounds, our products nourish and strengthen the skin from head to toe.

For the active body

From head to toe, our products work to make a positive impact on overall health and wellbeing.

Our products are peace of mind for the active body.

Salt + Stone
Salt + Stone

Salt & Stone Sustainability

To honor nature, we consider our relationship to the planet in every stage of our business. We are committed to leaving no trace of our products or brand in the environment. Recyclable packaging is just the start – we incorporate up-cycled ocean plastics and other recycled, biodegradable materials in our containers. We use Eco Smart technology, which is biodegradable in days, not decades. Lastly, our products are manufactured by renewable solar and hydroelectric energy.

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