How to use ROZ MILK Hair Serum and Santa Lucia together (and how they differ)

July 15, 2023 Haircare, ROZ

RŌZ Milk Hair Serum vs Santa Lucia Styling Oil: What’s the difference and how should you use them?

Guess what? We adore both MILK Hair Serum and Santa Lucia and you can use both products together for the ultimate chef’s kiss good hair days. Here’s how to incorporate these two RŌZ Hair favourites into your daily routine for beautiful, healthy hair.

Can you use RŌZ MILK Hair Serum and Santa Lucia Styling Oil together?

Yes, absolutely! RŌZ Founder Mara Roszak suggests the following steps:

Apply MILK to towel dried hair.

Add Santa Lucia on top, or mixed together with MILK.

Apply Santa Lucia to dry hair as a finisher for extra shine.

Or on fine hair use MILK as your finishing product.

Should I use MILK Hair Serum before Santa Lucia Styling Oil for detangling?

Yes! Apply the ultra lightweight MILK Hair Serum to towel dried hair and comb through ends to detangle and hydrate. For an extra moisture boost – or de-frizz and heat protection, follow with Santa Lucia Styling Oil on damp hair.

Can I use Santa Lucia on damp hair, and MILK on dry hair?

Yes! Both RŌZ stylers are interchangeable, and incredibly versatile! Those with dry, course or damaged hair may prefer to use Santa Lucia on damp hair for extra hydration and shine. Santa Lucia can then also be used as your finisher to de-frizz and add gloss, or apply MILK Hair Serum on dry hair as a lightweight finisher to smooth and define.

Is MILK Hair Serum only for use before drying my hair?

You can use MILK before and after your blow dry – or leaving your hair to air dry. MILK Hair Serum is a fabulous finishing product to use on fine hair. It’s also wonderful for defining curls and smoothing hair prone to frizz or the effects of humidity.

How do you use MILK on fine, textured hair?

Start with 2 pumps of MILK Hair Serum on damp hair. Begin at the ends, and scrunch & twist in to activate your beautiful texture. Apply an extra 1-2 pumps more on dry hair as needed.


Meet Mara Roszak, Founder of ROZ

“I live and breathe hair product. My hairdressing work is only as good as the products I’m using! I need products that are reliable & perform. I’m sent so many brands to try constantly, I often feel there is something to be desired in their performance. I also see how overwhelming it is to choose products, to know what works for you. I knew I needed to create a curated line of essentials, simplifying the process, any product of RŌZ will do what it says, leaving you with nourished beautiful hair, enhancing the hairs natural beauty.”

Read more of our exclusive Q&A with Mara Roszak, founder of ROZ. 

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