Versatile Paris

Versatile Sea, Sud & Sun


Versatile Paris

Versatile Sea, Sud & Sun


Sea, Sud & Sun – NEO NEROLI

The French Riviera awaits where orange blossom accompanies juicy green figs, temptations of iced pastis, rich honeyed nougat and tropezienne (the cake of Saint Tropez) blend with aromatic notes and Mediterranean sea salt. Sparkling neroli encounters musks to be refreshing, never sticky.

Storytelling: Aperatif time!
Fragrance Notes: Fresh. Fig. Pastis. Iced. Neroli. Musky. Tropezian. Salty. Marine.

Highly concentrated extrait de parfum 15ml concentrated at 33%
Alcohol-free roll-on fragrance. This fragrance is original, genderless, vegan.

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What makes Versatile unique?


Roll-Me for a delicate & sensorial gesture, with zero product loss unlike a traditional spray.
The versatile perfume evolves on your skin.
Apply on the neck, wrists, behind the ears, elbows, torso, chest, tip of the hair…


Wherever you want, whenever you want. Bye bye heavy bottles!
Quality over quantity. An ultra-practical mini size, and max concentration.
Small but powerful; lasting all day on your skin.


Transparent formulas and zero product loss.
Alcohol-free perfume. Cruelty Free. Vegan.
Free of BHT/BHA, CMR ingredients, UV filters, colorants, additives.


Produced in France, less than 3g of plastic, up cycled/recylcled/biodegradable materials.
Versatile are committed to donating 3% of sales to RUBAN ROSE to benefit breast cancer research.

Versatile Sea Sud Sun



Each 15ml bottle has an estimated duration of use between 4 to 6 months* on the basis of 1-2 applications per day. This is equivalent to a 100ml alcoholic spray.


Recyclables: Recycled paper case / Glass bottle and roll-on ball / PE plastic cover and ball holder / Bio-sourced plastic tamper-evident sticker.
Biodegradable: Recycled paper labels


Vegan. Cruelty Free. Eco-Responsible. Transparent formula. Alcohol-free. Made in France.

Versatile Paris

Versatile Paris is an innovative fragrance brand by Coralie Frébourg, born from the will to break with the institutional codes of luxury perfumery: no to standardised scents, no to elitist prices, no to the gender divide.

Versatile has a simple wish; to focus on olfactive memories that we all know and to be an alternative to the existing things.

Versatile place human & the respect of the earth at the centre of the development.

7 olfactive moments, inspired by the (real) life of (real) people. 7 instituational ingredients of the perfumery, revisited in new fragrances.

Our fragrances are genderless, original and vegan.

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Versatile Sea Sud Sun

A Conscious Formulation

Versatile Paris are alcohol-free. Our base is a blend of two oils, Almond and Wheat (suitable for sensitive skins and tattoos). These oils are selected for their hydrating and nourishing properties.

Versatile Sea Sud Sun

The Nose

Versatile fragrances have been designed & created with the independent creation lab FLAIR and their four perfumers. Fragrances are manufactured in Grasse, South of France.

Anne-Sophie Behaghel
Co-founder & Perfumer, FLAIR

Anne-Sophie has imagined a Néo Néroli, reworked with notes reminiscent of the South of France: a pastis accord, a very green and juicy fig, the sweetness of Tropézienne and the gourmandise of nougat, with iodized, musky notes.

Is it 100% natural?

No, we use synthetic and natural ingredients.
Why? Because 100% natural is not environmentally friendly: productions, extraction methods, carbon impact to bring the ingredients from the other side of the world must be taken into account.
Furthermore, 100% natural does not always smell good and does not stay on the skin.
We prefer olfactive harmony and long-lasting on the skin so we decided to choose beautiful natural ingredients and to pick clean & safe synthetic ingredients, in order to create fragrances that smell good. That’s it.

What’s the difference between Eau De Perfume and Extract de Parfum?

Concentration. An eau de parfum has a concentration between 15-20%. The extract de perfume has a concentration between 20-40%. The more concentrated it is, the longer it stays on the skin. The price of some extracts de perfume in the perfumery industry are 200-250€ / 15ml. Versatile Paris fragrances are concentrated between 30-38%.

What’s inside the fragrances?

Fragrance formulas are still considered a commercial secret. We made the choice to reveal all our ingredients to avoid any confusion in the compositions! This information can be viewed with transparency at our website. We also exclude endocrine disruptors, UV filters, colorants, additives, CMR ingredients…so, all our compositions are clean & safe for skins.

What about the environment?

To produce, is to have an impact on the environment. We have optimised our product, even if it’s not perfect, we chose the best materials and components to reduce our impact.

For example:
Upcycled, recycled, recyclable materials. For example, our folding boxes are made with an up cycled paper made of corn. Our bottle is glass, very light, our labels are made of recycled paper, we don’t have plastic around our folding boxes but a sticker made of recycled paper.

Small production, produced according to demand.

Our suppliers are French, Italian or Spanish.

What they’re saying

Versatile is on of those small brands that refresh the world of perfume, with a concept that stands out from everything & above all, really successful scents.”

Mélanie Nauche, Vogue France

“Where Versatile shakes up the codes is by finally betting on the transparency of formulas & dusting off the perfume extract, the noblest concentration.”

Lionel Paillès, M Le Monde

“It’s always rare, and therefore gratifying to discover on the site of a new brand of perfume so much common sense, truth & simplicity, with an extra: a touch of humour.”

Jeanne Doré, Au Parfum

Versatile Sea Sud Sun


Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Parfum (Fragrance), Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Germ Oil, Tocopherol, Linalool, Limonene, Coumarin, Geraniol, Hydroxycitronellal, Citral, Farnesol

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A sensorial gesture breaking the traditional codes of luxury perfume.


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