Rose Quartz Beauty Restorer



Rose Quartz Beauty Restorer


Kick-start your day with our cooling and refreshing Rose Quartz Beauty Restorer. Use this rejuvenating crystal to wake up and soothe skin. Improve energy flow, support circulation and lymphatic drainage, lift, plump and sculpt, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Because of its cooling properties, it is the ideal choice for sensitive or inflamed skin. The perfect morning skincare choice.

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Rose Quartz Beauty Restorer

Wake up your skin with this rejuvenating Rose Quartz Beauty Restorer Gua Sha tool

Rose Quartz Beauty Restorer

The cooling Gua Sha tool
Soothes and calms sensitive skin
Supports circulation and lymphatic drainage
Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Rose Quartz Beauty Restorer

According to Chinese medicine, Rose Quartz is believed to tonify the heart qi, which makes it the ideal skincare choice. A strong heart helps to maintain healthy blood flow and circulation, which ensures that the skin gets all the nourishment it needs. The morning is the optimal time of day to use the Rose Quartz Beauty Restorer, working with the body’s natural energy patterns for the rest of the day.

One of the magical benefits of Rose Quartz is its cooling properties – especially if you keep it in the fridge – making it the perfect solution for sensitive or reactive skin. For best results, used with our Beauty Oil.

Our product packaging is made from doubled walled cardboard and where possible we do not use single wrap plastics or cellophane to wrap our products for environmental reasons.

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“Numerous people have commented how my skin is glowing and my pale complexion now has peachy cheeks since using the rose quartz restorer. I just look more rested and this has been the tonic I needed in a difficult year. Will definitely be buying more of your range, as well as gifting friends. Your customer service is exemplary and you are a pleasure to deal with- thank you!”



100% Rose Quartz crystal. Rinse with water after use to prevent any build-up of oil.
As the Rose Quartz Beauty Restorer is hand made from a natural product there will be colour variations & minor size/shape differences. This does not effect the quality of the product.

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