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[Poet] noun – Anyone with imagination, creativity and beauty of thought

After years of research and development, Poets Atelier was established in 2023 by sisters with a vision to redefine beauty.

Reflecting their combined studies in Cosmetic Chemistry and Dermal Therapy, each product is meticulously formulated with ingredients focused on delivering results, while acknowledging the vital role of the microbiome in maintaining skin health in its various states.

Poets Atelier uses biotechnology and custom bio-fermented plant extracts to revive stressed or reactive skin.

The Poets Atelier Story

Leveraging scientific research and DNA sequencing we continue to gain insights into the skin microbiome. We offer solutions that target hyperpigmentation and premature ageing from UV exposure and environmental stressors.

Whilst there are many factors that can impact the state of our skin, we focus on reviving the skin after UV exposure and providing protection against free radical damage, both of which are major culprits in hyperpigmentation and premature ageing.

By balancing the microbiome with biotechnology and bio-fermented ingredients, our intention is to address the root cause of most skincare concerns to deliver radiant, healthy skin.

Our products are formulated to be biomimetic – taking skincare to a new level by using cultured and active ingredients that trigger the skins natural processes, without essential oils or added fragrance.

Beyond skincare, we believe that the grounding ritual of caring for our skin can create experiences that will help alleviate daily stressors in a holistic way and encourage conscious living.

Poets Atelier products are formulated and manufactured in Australia. Our ingredients are sustainably sourced from Australia and around the globe.

Poets Atelier Skincare

Hero Ingredients

Buriti Oil
This oil contains the richest source of beta-carotene found in nature and when applied topically on the skin, converts into an active form of vitamin A (retinol). Beta-carotene is also able to absorb UV light which protects the skin cells against photo oxidative damage and helps to repair the skin without the irritation commonly associated with prescription retinoic acid (tretinoin).

Cacay Oil
Touted as a miracle oil, Cacay Oil boasts a high concentration of natural retinol, a type of vitamin A renowned for its ability to promote collagen production and enhance skin texture and tone. Additionally, with its light texture and fast absorption, cacay oil can aid in preventing moisture loss and reducing inflammation. This sustainably sourced luxury oil is widely hailed as a holy grail product by dermatologists and skincare experts.

Bio-fermented Centella Asiatica
The Gotu Kola plant is rich in triterpenoids, flavonoids and other active phytochemical compounds. Studies have shown that triterpenoids accelerate the regeneration of skin cells and connective tissue to have a lifting effect on the skin when applied topically. It has soothing and hydrating properties, and is effective in treating scars, inflammation and acne.

Bio-fermented Wild Gubinge (Kakadu Plum)
This wild harvested fruit native to Australia is known for containing the highest naturally occurring Vitamin C in the world. It also includes gallic acid, tryptophan and flavone c-glycoside which provides potent antioxidant protection, supports collagen synthesis and helps to even skin tone.

Prenatal & Postpartum Skin

For new and expecting mums, Poets Atelier understand the delicate balance your skin needs during pregnancy and postpartum. These products address specific changes to the skin during pregnancy.

For your peace of mind, we provide the concentration of active ingredients, enabling you to have informed discussions with your healthcare provider about the safety and suitability of our products.


The Power of Plant Actives

Our nutrient-rich plant actives are cellular extracted to ensure they function the same way in our skincare as they do in the plant.

These phyto-actives are supercharged through a custom fermentation process to unlock a spectrum of micronutrients and complex compounds, taking natural ingredients to a new level.

Gentle and impactful

What is Microbiome Intelligence? Each Poets Atelier formula is designed to be gentle on sensitive skin with minimal disturbance to the balance of the microbiome.

Whilst there are many factors that can impact the state of our skin, Poets Atelier select biotech actives to treat skin and provide daily protection against free radical damage, addressing the two major culprits in hyperpigmentation and premature ageing.

Poets Atelier

Microbiome-Gentle Skincare

Poets Atelier has been designed with sensitive, reactive or stressed skin in mind with a focus on addressing signs of hyperpigmentation and discolouration, and skin ageing.

By including Phyto-retinols such as provitamin A or beta-carotene in Cacay & Buriti Oil, Poets Atelier can deliver similar benefits over time without the common irritation experienced with traditional retinol.

Poets Atelier formulations are free of pure essential oils and synthetic fragrances, with sensitive skins in mind.

“An ideal treatment for those with stressed or compromised skin barriers”

Learn about the skin microbiome

The skin microbiome, also known as the skin’s microflora, refers to the diverse community of micro-organisms that reside on the skin’s surface. These microorganisms play a critical role in maintaining skin health by supporting the immune system, inhibiting growth of pathogens and maintaining strong barrier function.

What factors can disrupt the skin microbiome balance?    

Harsh skincare products or over-cleansing
Hormonal fluctuations
Environmental stressors, such as humidity, pollution and UV radiation
Lifestyle factors, such as diet, stress, and sleep

When the skin microbiome is disrupted, it can lead to skin issues like dryness, sensitivity, inflammation, and even acne or eczema.

How can I maintain a balanced skin microbiome?

To maintain a healthy and balanced skin microbiome, focus on the outer layer of skin and create the optimal environment for beneficial bacteria to thrive.

Choose skincare products that respect the skin’s natural pH and lipid barrier. Avoid harsh ingredients, such as sulfates, alcohol, and synthetic fragrances, which can strip the skin and disrupt the microbiome. Less is more, a higher percentage of an active ingredient doesn’t necessarily mean it’s more effective.

Avoid over-cleansing. Washing your face too frequently can remove beneficial microorganisms and natural oils, weakening the skin barrier.

Protect your skin from environmental stressors: Wear sunscreen daily to protect your skin from UV radiation, and consider using antioxidant-rich skincare products to help neutralise free radicals.

Skincare products that include prebiotics (complex sugars), feed the healthy bacteria on the skin and help to sustain and build healthy micro flora. Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and saccharide isomerate are sugar-like molecules that helps the skins natural moisturising factor by creating a healthy environment for the skin to regenerate and heal. Postbiotics found in fermented skincare ingredients provide beneficial enzymes and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids) to the skin.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle: A nutrient-rich diet, regular exercise, stress management, and adequate sleep all contribute to overall skin health.

Poets Atelier Focus

We have selected ingredients that have been proven to fade and prevent hyperpigmentation, dark spots, redness and discolouration. Our multi-pathway approach using natural plant extracts, botanical oils and patented biotech actives work synergistically to target various stages of melanin production, delivering even skin tone and a brighter complexion. Our products are free of hydroquinone.

The Poets Atelier Difference


Going beyond industry standards, our lab uses strain specific microbes to bio-ferment a thoughtful selection of nutrient-rich botanical extracts and oils.

This Probiotic Culture Transformation Process allows us to create our own bio-ferments which increases the bioavailability of our raw ingredients by unlocking a spectrum of micronutrients and new complex compounds.


We are committed to using ingredients in the concentrations that have been clinically proven to deliver results.
We adhere strictly to the highest industry standards and ensure full compliance with EU cosmetic regulations, banning over 1600 ingredients. In addition we exclude hyaluronic acid in our formulations as it has been shown to trigger dermatitis when misused (as it often is!).


Poets Atelier is grounded in the belief that skincare should be uplifting and encourage self-confidence.

All complexions, particularly sensitive, hormonal or stressed skin can benefit from our bio-fermented skincare. We aim to revive the skin’s diverse ecosystem to its most resilient state.

Though we exclude pure essential oils, perfume and artificial fragrances in our skincare products, we still ensure a pleasant aromatic and sensory experience.


What ingredients are excluded by Poets Atelier?

Our products do not contain silicones, parabens, PEGs, sulfates (SLS/SLES), GMOs, mineral oils, petrolatum, phenoxyethanol, synthetic fragrance or synthetic colours.

Do you products contain live probiotics or bacteria?

We do not use live probiotics or bacteria in our skincare products. We aim to create the optimal environment for your microbiome (the trillions of microorganisms that live on the skin) to remain diverse and balanced. We use prebiotics, postbiotics and fermented actives without disrupting the skin barrier in which the microbes live on.

Do you add fragrance to your products?

Poets Atelier products are formulated with sensitive skin types in mind. Despite our best efforts, skin sensitivities and allergies are unique to every person so it is impossible to guarantee that any skincare product will not cause irritation.

To minimise the chance of irritation, we made our facial products without synthetic fragrance, pure essential oils or perfume. We have also avoided known irritants and endocrine disruptors.

Are your products suitable for pregnant women and for women who are breastfeeding?

Poets Atelier are designed to be pregnancy and breastfeeding safe, however we always recommend consultation with your medical practitioner on advice about usage of specific ingredients during pregnancy, postpartum or while breastfeeding. Full ingredients lists can be found on each product’s page.

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