Skincare simplified: Everything you need in the highest quality.
Nothing you don’t.
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Everything you need in the highest quality. Nothing you don’t.

3 Powerful Products
3 Simple Steps

“Honestly, how many skincare products do you have at home? OM-SE believe in using fewer but better products. Because doing more with less is smart. And good for both skin and planet.”

The Discovery Kit is an excellent way to experience this Swedish skincare line for the first time. It includes all four products in generous travel sized glass bottles and OM-SE’s luxe linen face cloth.

Meet the Founders:
Jenny and Jacob Huurinainen

“We founded OM-SE in 2020 with the mission to create high-quality natural skincare that really truly works, getting skin into natural balance. So good that you don’t want to go back to conventional skincare ever again. We offer a minimalist range of four flexible skincare products, with emphasis on quality above quantity. Locally developed and produced in the north of Sweden with people and planet in mind.

Each highly-potent, gender-neutral product contains only organic natural ingredients, each selected for its high-quality performance. We never add filler ingredients (used to make a product cheaper and less potent), nor do we add ingredients to create a specific texture, colour or seducing scent. What you see, feel and smell are the essence of each natural ingredient–nothing more, nothing less.

Using minimal preservatives, we produce our skincare products in fresh small batches with a best-before date printed on each bottle, simply because natural and active ingredients are performing best when enjoyed fresh.”


OM-SE means ‘to care for’ in Swedish

We believe using fewer products of high-quality is better for your skin, wallet and shelf-space. Using fewer products also means less waste.

Our simple 3-step routine is optimised for maximum skin results. The selected OM-SE range is multipurpose and carefully formulated to deliver a daily dose of essential nutrients and hydration.

The flexible nature of our products makes them work for all faces and seasons, as skincare ingredients do not know the gender or colour of the skin.

By separating water and oil into two types of products, we make it possible for you to create a personalised skincare routine, simply by modifying the proportions of hydration (Face Mist) and nutrition (Face Oil), as you mix them in the palm of your hand and then apply on your skin.


Launching OM-SE in Australia for the first time, we are proud to introduce you to this incredible collection of organic skincare products made with care in Sweden. OM-SE is thoughtfully formulated to provide results while simplifying your routine and avoiding unnecessary steps.

A multi-tasking range of just four products including Cleansing Oil, Hydrating Mist, Balancing Face Oil and Renewing Face Oil, these generously sized and beautifully designed bottles provide everything skin needs without any filler. Skin is gently cleansed, nourished and hydrated. Without sacrificing on luxury, this premium range deliver a spa-like moment at home and are equally fuss-free for the skincare minimalist.


We Highlight all Ingredients
100% Natural, Organic & Plant-based
Made in Sweden in fresh small batches
No additives, no fillers, no evil, no greed
Vegan-friendly, Unisex & Cruelty-free

When others promote one hero ingredient, we highlight them all. Why? Because we only work with heroes.

Each ingredient is carefully selected and dosed based upon performance, never to fill out, create texture, add colour or scent.

“Say hello to slow beauty”

“A move towards fewer, but better, products that helps consumers make more conscious choices for their skin and the planet.” – VOGUE SCANDINAVIA

“These oils are absolutely magical”

“The routine reminds me of Vintners Daughter’s essence and oil serum but the price tag is much kinder to your wallet” – ELLE

“Best organic skincare range 2021”

“Aesthetics both in appearance and content. Results-driven organic skincare at its best” – Swedish Beauty Editors

When less is more

“Our product philosophy is a version of less is more. To care for skin with less products, minimal high-quality elements both versatile and ready to be personalised.

It all started in 2016 when Jenny, postpartum, had enough of dealing with her unbalanced skin. Inspired by the FODMAP methodology, she began to formulate potent plant-based skincare. Only including ingredients that made a difference to her skin and skipping all of those ingredients typically found in cosmetics for other reasons than doing the skin good (like fillers to make products cheaper, texturises and emulsifiers, colour additives and perfume). For the first time in her adult life, she experienced balanced and radiant skin and didn’t feel the need to wear makeup. Jacob started to use the products and got a glow that drew attention at work, and the business idea for a high-quality unisex skincare brand sparked. Hundreds of formula versions later and product refinement with our experienced production partner resulted in four unique, 100 per cent organic and natural recipes.”

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