Q&A with Oio Lab Founder Joanna Ryglewicz

June 30, 2023 Oio Lab, Skincare

When we launched Oio Lab at Andersen Beauty in 2021, we knew the innovative all-natural formulations and results-driven approach would resonate with our community. From the fast working hydrating gel-serum Aquasphere to unique roll-on brighting serum The Future Is Bright, Oio Lab are testament that natural beauty – that is kind to the planet while using advanced technology – not only delivers but delights.

We spoke with Joanna Ryglewicz, Founder of Oio Lab…

“I created Oio Lab because..

I wanted to create effective skincare products, based on natural ingredients with a long history of use in a way that is kind to the planet, while utilising advanced technology. Our vision is to keep investing in innovative solutions to constantly improve our standards from production, to product’s effectiveness and planet-friendly solutions. I want to keep creating space for independent research, unique solutions and new, fresh perspectives – that are driven by our ever curious minds. It’s all about creating our community that does not abide by the industry rules, but is led by its own.

What inspired you to work in skincare and could you share a little about your background?

For the last 15 years I gained experience in various industries. I studied and worked as a lawyer in London and Poznan and distributed french pharmacy skincare products in Poland. But I always had a passion for the science behind health & beauty. Oio Lab started mostly because I wanted to investigate the ingredients and formulas that I found intriguing. I created a vision of a botanical skincare brand utilising natural extracts and advanced technology to create products that achieve clinically proven results – all this while being kind to our planet.

The product I recommend to everyone is…

Our Multi-Dimensional Hydrating Facial Serum AQUASPHERE. Its gel consistency is suitable for all skin types and is independently tested to help to increase skin hydration levels by up to 49,5% after just 7 days of regular use. A universal and very much needed product is also our ALL IN EYE Complete Eye and Eyelid Serum. It was designed to address all skincare concerns around the eyes: dark circles, puffiness, firmness, wrinkles, hydration, density, sensitivity and eyelid sagging.

Oio lab is committed to helping protect the environment. Could you tell us about the new mushroom packaging?

Our Super Mushroom Packaging is made with mycelium mixed with agricultural waste. This lightweight packaging protects our products and is compostable and biodegradable at home within 40 days. Using super mushroom material allows us to reduce the amount of paper and all the other packaging we use – and it does not leave any microplastics behind.

Oio Lab pairs the natural with the scientific – do you align more with the creative or the science based in life?

Our aim is to use natural ingredients and get the most out of them through advanced technology. At the moment, we are very much into mushrooms, natural hormones, adaptogens and ingredients that help to counteract the effects of stress hormones on the skin and boost mitochondria activities. We aim to have a good balance of both – creative and science backed aspects – they are a huge part of who we are.

As one of your bestselling serums, what makes Oio Lab’s hydrating serum Aquasphere so effective?

It is a unique blend of 10 highly potent ingredients. Our Multidimensional Hydrating Serum AQUASPHERE is supercharged with five forms of hyaluronic acid compounds, two hyaluronic acid and elastin precursors and active plant substances. All ingredients are carefully selected to help relieve dry skin and restore optimal hydration.

Self Care and Beauty Secrets

My self-care rituals include…

I always start my skincare routine with a gel-serum – either E-SERUM for regeneration and protection, AQUASPHERE for hydration or gel-lotion fusion SUPERCHARGED GLOW serum for fresh, even-looking, glowing complexion. For the day I follow with our cream THE FOREST RETREAT, while in the evening I reach for a stable vitamin C THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT. I also mix our active oils with all the other products I use – from creams to foundations – as boosters, depending on my skincare needs at the moment. As soon as we presented MELTING BLUSH I cannot imagine my everyday makeup routine without using it as a bronzer, blush or eyeshadow.

My mornings begin with:

I start my day with my skincare routine. Before heading to the office I have a cup or two of a good coffee. Depending on the day I either have meetings in the office or spend time in the laboratory with our team of certified chemists to plan next steps for our brand.

My perfect day would end with…

A  bath with Epsom salts and my evening skincare routine. Followed with my sons, cuddling, talking and reading to them. I also unwind while reading the books that I find fascinating. I read a lot and I tend to reach for many books at once – at the moment I find reading about personal growth, quantum physics and ancient medicine the most interesting.

What beauty secrets would you share with your sister/daughter/best friend?

It is knowing what to put on your skin and being devoted to the routine. There are so many ingredients on the market and we aim to work with only those that meet our high, often subjective criteria. The amount of data we examine is really impressive. I learned to put just a few products on my skin that do their job. One shall not forget that being systematic is the key to effectiveness – no matter how sophisticated and personalised your skincare is – without a daily routine you cannot expect to see results. Look for great quality products and choose quality over quantity.

What advice would you give your 15year old self?

Never compromise on authenticity – do what you think is the best and resonate with you, even if you’re advised otehrwise. Communicate your thoughts and expectations kindly, yet clearly. Do not compare yourself with others and do not rush things –  I’ve noticed that for me growth happens at the speed of nature.

If you could wake up tomorrow in any hotel in the world, where would it be? 

Coqui Coqui Cobá Papholchac Residence & Spa in the small village of Coba, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, which lies at the heart of one of the most important archaeological sites associated with ancient Mayan civilization.

Packaging, Products, and the Future of Skincare

What is your favourite Oio Lab product?

At this moment I cannot imagine my skincare routine without our new Eye Contour and Eyelid serum ALL IN EYE. This gel serum helps to globally improve the appearance of the skin around the eyes in terms of dark circles, puffiness, firmness, wrinkles, hydration, density, sensitivity and eyelid sagging.

What inspired the iconic Oio Lab packaging?

Colour inspiration and the need to express through our designs. Every Oio Lab product tells a different story. Our calming emulsion THE FOREST RETREAT is inspired by the forest, the concept of forest bathing and also every product sold helps to plant 1 square metre of biodiverse forest. We are also huge fans of abstract art. To connect all the elements together we’re working with art and graphic designers from Poland, but based in Copenhagen – Hugmun Studio. The formulas themselves are stored in violet glass that helps to protect valuable botanical extracts from light and naturally preserve our products.

What do you wish someone told you before you started your business?

Don’t be afraid to take two steps backwards to gain a fresh perspective, before moving forward.

The product in your beauty cabinet that most defines you is: 

It is impossible to choose one (laughs). All our products are inspired by different groups of ingredients, skincare needs and groups of colours. Each product tells a different story. I think all of them show what we do and who we are from a bit different angles.

The beauty product you can’t live without is:

It’s always such a difficult question (laughs). I always reach for a stable form of vitamin C in THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT and plant cell complexes from tuberose stem cells and betaine in our ALL IN EYE Eye Contour and Eyelid Complete Serum. I add a healthy glow to my skin with MELTING BLUSH in sunlit shade.

What do you think is the future of skincare and wellness?

I think the future of beauty lies in three core values: sustainability, innovations and transparency. I can give you more insight using Oio Lab as an illustration. 

It is essential for brands to incorporate ever greener solutions and ingredients whenever possible. A beauty brand of the future shall be in a state of constant adaptation. Moreover, it shall actively seek to develop new extraction methods that do not require a large amount of natural material like supercritical fluid extraction with natural carbon dioxide (CO₂) and many more. 

A good example of how we strive to be ever kinder to planet Earth is our cooperation with Forest Forever Foundation – for every Calming Facial Lotion THE FOREST RETREAT sold plants 1 sq m of biodiverse forest. Importantly, the localisation, variety and types of plants is crucial in this cooperation – we do not want to plant monoforests to further demineralise the soil, yet the aim is to restore a natural, diverse ecosystem that can last forever. 

The future of beauty is also about transparency and honesty. We want people to know how exactly our products work, but we also want to communicate where we are right now as a company – what challenges we experience, where we aim to grow. 

Can you give us a hint what might be next for Oio Lab?

We are constantly working on new ingredients, new products and we simultaneously research and test many fascinating groups of ingredients and advanced, kind to planet extraction methods. New products will appear as early as this summer, so please watch us carefully.


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