NUORI The One: Meet the new cult cream

April 11, 2023 NUORI, Skincare

Have you met The One? Allow us to introduce you to the most exciting launch yet from NUORI.

Danish skincare brand NUORI have just released what is destined to become a cult face cream. The One, by the Copenhagen-based skincare line behind bestselling Vital Foaming Cleanser, delivers eight hero ingredients in one single super-layer to simplify and supercharge your skincare routine. Got butterflies? Us too.

Meet the super-layer

Forget layering on several products, each containing the ingredient you need for your skin goals. According to NUORI, it’s all about the super layer. The One Face Cream is a super-charged combination of the 8 most powerful skincare ingredients you need, giving you maximum results with minimum effort. As NUORI founder Jasmi Bonnén tells us:

“Scandinavian countries have long been admired for their minimal but stylish approach to design, proving that form and function can go hand in hand. At NUORI we wanted to extend that ethos into the beauty space to prove that looking after your skin doesn’t have to be complicated. We set out to create powerful formulas that take the hard work out of looking after your skin, and there is no better example of this than The One Face cream. Consider it your shortcut to a more streamlined, Scandinavian-inspired skincare routine.”

What’s inside NUORI The One?

The One offers a simplified, one-step approach that is all about combining hardworking ingredients into one formula to deliver results. The One has been developed to target dehydration, dullness, uneven skin tone, fine lines, and wrinkles.

The One will nourish, regenerate, and protect your skin in one simple step thanks to it’s powerhouse results-based formula that blends 8 superstar ingredients:

1. Niacinamide improves skin tone, reduces redness, and minimizes pore size.
2. Hyaluronic acid hydrates and fills fine lines and wrinkles.
3. Bakuchiol increases cell renewal and collagen synthesis and improves skin tone.
4. Ceramides offer barrier protection, improved hydration, and increased comfort.
5. Peptides increase firmness and collagen synthesis.
6. Vitamin C reduces hyperpigmentation and increases collagen synthesis.
7. Vitamin E repairs and hydrates.
8. Panthenol hydrates and offers barrier protection.

NUORI The One skincare for the gym bag

The One item for your gym bag

No more carrying a beauty bag full of products to your next pilates class. Cleanse your skin and apply The One – you’re done!

NUORI The One facial cream for travel

The One skincare item for travel

That baggage allowance is valuable – don’t waste it on heavy toiletries. The One is a super-layer that simplifies your skincare routine.

Is NUORI The One for you?

On the go? The One can replace that pile of products in your gym kit, overnight bag or aeroplane carry-on. It’s powerful skincare, simplified.

Overwhelmed? Something we’re passionate about at ANDERSEN is minimising your skincare shopping stress, and simplifying the experience. It’s why we’re conscious about keeping our edit minimal and limited to a curation of the best. The One helps streamline your beauty cabinet and reduce the risk of layering active ingredients incorrectly.

New to skincare? Is an overload of choice, contradicting advice making it hard to know where to start? We hear you. The One makes starting a skincare routine incredibly easy thanks to its supercharged but simple one-step formula.

Budget-conscious? If you’re weary of caring for your skin while managing costs, The One can replace costly single-ingredient products with one powerful multi-tasking face cream. The One can reduce your beauty spend without compromising on quality, or results.

NUORI The One skincare cream

8 Superstar Ingredients

Designed to nourish, regenerate and protect your skin with one powerhouse formula. 

NUORI The One Face Cream Texture

Formulated for all skin types

The One can be used by all ages, all skin types, day or night, and during pregnancy.

NUORI The One is all-natural, conscious skincare

Sensitive skin? Good news, The One is all natural, alcohol-free, and free from the 26 fragrance allergens most commonly found in skincare (as identified by the EU) making it a favourite pick for even the most sensitive skin. All NUORI products are free from synthetic preservatives, stabilizers, and other additives normally used to prolong the shelf life of beauty products.

Just discovered NUORI?

NUORI is a natural Danish beauty brand that truly performs. All-natural, fresh skincare that is at the forefront if bio-active ingredient innovation and delivers visible results. If you’re unsure where to start, you can contact us for NUORI recommendations or create a routine with the bestsellers:

Cleanse with Vital Foaming Cleanser (balanced, combination, oily or acne-prone) or Protect+ Cleansing Milk (dry, sensitive or mature)
Gently exfoliate with Gentle Glow Tonic. Blemish-prone? Add Clarity Mask once a week.
Treat your skin with Vital Repair Serum, or Infinity Bio-Fusion Serum. And care for the eyes with Vital Eye Cream.
We can help you target specific skincare concerns with additional items according to your skin type and condition. Always dry and flaky? Need a spot treatment? Targeting pigmentation? NUORI skincare has highly effective, results-based solutions. Email or LiveChat with us for advice!

NUORI’s vision has always been to eliminate the need to choose between all-natural formulas and results. NUORI products contain only natural ingredients with clinically proven benefits and absolutely no synthetic or toxic additives. “We are the only beauty brand to utilize the science of freshly blended formulas.”

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