NUORI release new Protect+ for Hypersensitive Skin

March 1, 2024 NUORI, Skincare

Sensitive or hypersensitive skin? The new NUORI Protect+ collection is the ultimate skin-friendly formula.

NUORI’s Protect+ products including the calming Protect+ Cleansing Milk and daily essential Protect+ Facial Cream have long been favourites among those with dry, delicate and sensitive skin. You’ve loved them – but you’re about to love them even more. With hypersensitive skin in mind, NUORI have reformulated the collection to be fragrance-free, and more beautiful than ever.

Who is Protect+ for?

While Protect+ was formulated with hypersensitive skin in mind, this range is suitable for all skin types including dry, normal and combination. The protecting, restoring & soothing bioactivated formulas are ideal for distressed, sensitive skin in particular.

Protect+ Cleansing Milk is an ideal cleanser for anyone who wants to remove makeup, dirt and impurities from the skin without inflaming the skin, increasing dryness or sensitivity. It’s a fabulous first or second cleanse, and can be paired with Vital Foaming Cleanser for combination and oily skin types, or used alone as a single cleanser.

The soothing textured Protect+ Facial Cream delivers a protective veil over the skin and alleviates dryness. Protect+ Facial Cream delivers potent doses of lipids and antioxidants and offers lasting moisture, comfort, and barrier protection. As well as being an ideal daily moisturiser, it’s what we’ll be applying during exposure to cold climates or harsh environmental elements.

Key Ingredients in NUORI Protect+

Bioactivated Lipids from Sustainable Shea Butter

With protecting, soothing and restoring properties, these lipids significantly decrease collagen breakdown and effectively reduce the effects of environmental stress conditions.

Jojoba Oil and Botanical Squalane

By closely resembling skin’s own protective sebum, these ingredients deliver superb barrier protection and help restore skin’s natural lipid balance.

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)

Inhibits the production of melanin pigments, boosts collagen and elastin production, and improves microcirculation, thereby promoting radiant skin with a more even skin tone and texture.

Aloe Vera and Chamomile Flower

With their soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, these ingredients combat redness, inflammation and surface irritation.

Complex of Avocado Oil, Castor Seed Oil, and Natural Glycerin

With dual functionality these ingredients both alleviate dryness and dehydration while gently cleansing the skin.

Protect+ Cleansing Milk

How to use

Dispense four to five pumps into palm of hand and massage gently onto face, neck and decolleté. Rinse thoroughly with tepid water.

Protect+ Facial Cream

How to use

Apply three to four pumps of Protect+ Facial Cream daily to face, neck and decolleté after cleansing with your preferred NUORI cleanser.


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