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Australian made natural sunscreen and sun care created with a conscience

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100% natural, certified organic, vegan and reef friendly

MOTHER SPF is a hydrating everyday face and body, all-natural sunscreen with SPF 30 for hard hitting sun protection – without the nasties.

Star ingredient, Non Nano Zinc Oxide is what provides safe protection against UVB and UVA rays, paired with essential fatty acids and botanicals that replenish and nourish the skin’s barrier. It leaves the skin comforted and en route to glow-town.

Meet the MOTHER SPF female Founders:
Tandia Walsh & Elle Peter

Elle Peter is a pale skinned, eczema suffering, marketing boss turned all-natural product loyalist and enthusiast, ready to make a change in the sunscreen game. She is a product integrity and customer service devotee, and knew that after Tandia shared her MOTHER SPF samples with her, she was sitting on something special that Elle wanted to help share with the world.

The idea for MOTHER SPF was born out of necessity when a few years back Tandias mother was diagnosed with Cancer leaving her to discover the hidden nasties lurking in a lot of the mainstream SPF products. After not being able to find a mineral SPF suitable for herself and a strong love for all things skin health and mother nature, she decided to look into making her own. A background in science, and partnering with expert formulators to develop MOTHER SPF to it’s highest performance and efficacy, Tandia found a lab that could make it for her, and bring MOTHER SPF to life.

Mother Spf Founders Andersen Beauty
Mother SPF Organic Mineral Sunscreen Andersen Beauty


MOTHER SPF30 is a hydrating, everyday physical sunscreen using only 9 sustainably sourced and certified organic ingredients.

“Our star active ingredient (Non Nano Zinc Oxide) provides superior Broad Spectrum protection against UVB and UVA rays. Zinc Oxide is also an anti-inflammatory powerhouse and nutrient rich mineral that is Reef Friendly and 100% photostable (AKA never breaks down in the presence of sunlight). Keeping you protected and safe from the harsh UV rays, 24/7.”


What’s out and what’s in

You heard it here first: MOTHER SPF will NEVER use Chemical UV absorbers – Why? They have been found to be endocrine disruptors, interfere with hormones, damaging to the thyroid and can cause allergic skin reactions. AKA, not an ideal solution.

With MOTHER SPF you can say goodbye to chemical UV absorbers, preservatives, emulsifiers, silicones, nanoparticles, titanium oxide, animal derivatives, water, gluten, nut oils, fragrance, essential oils, animal testing, phthalates and parabens.

MOTHER SPF contains no water, while other sunscreens can contain up to 85% water. The absence of water means MOTHER SPF requires no preservatives, since microorganisms are unable to grow in a water-free environment (if you don’t know, now you know). Bonus: They require none of the other synthetic compounds required when water is present – emulsifiers, stabilisers and thickeners.

What you will find is a 100% naturally derived, certified organic, broad spectrum and reef friendly sunscreen. MOTHER SPF is 4 hour water resistant, vegan, Australian made, TGA and FDA listed, and skin microbiome protecting.  It sits invisibly on the skin and seamlessly under makeup to put an end to all your sunscreen woes.

Let’s talk sustainability

“MOTHER SPF is a clean mineral SPF and it is our mission to make a meaningful difference in the sun care industry. Being the #1 anti-ageing product, and defence against skin cancer, it’s about time the SPF category got the attention it really deserves!

We don’t believe good sun protection should come at a compromise to your health or the environment and the best SPF is the one that you reach for every morning. That’s why we wanted to create a 100% clean and eco-friendly SPF that doesn’t compromise on the cosmetic appeal of a mainstream sunscreen. MOTHER now makes it easy to switch to a natural alternative. Keep your skin and the environment protected, with MOTHER SPF.”

MOTHER SPF’s tubes are made via a closed loop, post consumer recycling system. This means all of her tubes are made from recyclable plastics that end up in landfill and are safe to use again, and again.  They’re also 100% recyclable, so you can do your part after finishing your tube. MOTHER SPF is manufactured in Australia with 100% solar power.

Mother SPF


Is this fragrance free?

Yes, this is free of any added fragrance; we decided to steer clear of using fragrance as it’s a common allergen and can contain up to 300 dangerous ingredients, which is a huge pass for us. You might still find it smells pretty good which is thanks to the coconut oil ingredient.

When should I apply this? 

To create a protective barrier, you’ll need to get amongst MOTHER SPF 20 minutes before sun exposure, to clean dry skin, and re-apply after any water sporting activities and exercising or sweating.

Where does this fit in my routine? 

This is a broad-spectrum physical sun protectant, meaning it’s perfect over skincare and under makeup. Like a protective sandwich filling keeping the good in and the bad out.

Will it affect my makeup? 

This is super hydrating meaning a smoother makeup application. Pro-tip: wait a minute or so before applying makeup for all of the oils in this to work their dewy magic.

Is this safe for babies and during pregnancy? 

MOTHER SPF is all natural, fragrance free, formulated for sensitive skin and is irritant and allergenic free, it is safe to use MOTHER on tiny humans and reactive skin. As with any new product, we recommend patch testing first for super safety. It is free of retinoids and retinol, BHA’s, fragrance, parabens, preservatives, and chemical UV filters, making it totally safe to use whilst growing tiny humans. Always check with your doctor first before using new products when pregnant.

Will it leave a white cast on the skin? 

Traditionally Zinc Oxide leaves a white cast, however this sunscreen has been formulated with high end technology to prevent this from happening, plus the use of non-nano Zinc Oxide keeps application ultra sheer. MOTHER SPF will blend into skin like an invisibility cape of anti-ageing.

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