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MOTHER SPF is Climate Positive Certified

May 5, 2022 MOTHER SPF, Skincare

We’re celebrating our beautiful Australian skincare brand, MOTHER, that is now proudly Climate Positive Certified. You already know MOTHER for their hard-working, 100% natural and certified organic broad spectrum SPF30, but did you know MOTHER has currently offset 11.5 tonnes of CO2 – that’s enough emissions to fill 194 shipping containers with pollution!

The process to become Climate Positive

To become Climate Positive, MOTHER measured the carbon emissions emitted at each stage of their product’s life cycle, including growing, harvesting, transportation, product packaging and end of life.

They then implemented an extensive carbon reduction strategy before offsetting what couldn’t be reduced, to become carbon positive certified by Trace.

The MOTHER SPF packaging loop

How does it work? MOTHER produce their striking yellow tubes from post consumer recycled plastic and fill them using 100% solar power. Who doesn’t love using the sun for something good?

Our sun-loving and SunSmart customers then order a tube and smother MOTHER SPF until your tube is empty. You can then email MOTHER SPF directly to arrange collection your empty tubes! MOTHER SPF sterilise the empty tubes and send them off to be recycled correctly.

Let’s talk more about MOTHER SPF & sustainability

Beyond the sustainably sourced, reef friendly ingredients, we now know that MOTHER is made with 100% solar power using recycled plastics that would normally end up in landfill – and they’re 100% recyclable. MOTHER also forgo excess paper waste by packaging their tubes in organic cotton, reusable bags. We love to re-use our bags for carrying makeup brushes when travelling, storing jewellery, and they also make the perfect pouch for sunglasses when you’re hitting the beach.

According to MOTHER, cotton is one of the most sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable options, and it is resource-friendly to grow and process, making it the obvious choice for their seriously cool sacks.

Going deeper with MOTHER SPF PCR Tubes

So let’s talk more about MOTHER’S closed loop packaging system. It means that all of their yellow tubes of sunscreen are made from the recyclable plastics that end up in landfill and are safe to use again. They are washed, dried, made into pellets, crystallized, and later made into another form – aka given new life and purpose at MOTHER SPF, resulting in a never-ending loop of sustainability. This not only reduces plastic in landfill, but on our streets and in our waterways, too.

But it gets even better. Recycling these plastics calls for less resources to deplete energy and water that could be used for far more important causes. To top it all off, MOTHER SPF tubes are filled in Australia using 100% solar power.

Manufacturing MOTHER SPF

MOTHER’S manufacturer is just a short drive away from the MOTHER SPF team, right here, at home, in the land of Oz. MOTHER wanted to be as close as possible to their manufacturer to ensure they meet their high standards. They also use 100% solar power.

The manufacture of sunscreens in Australia is strictly regulated by the TGA (Australian Government’s Therapeutic Goods Administration). The TGA’s sunscreen regulations are among the strictest in the world, which means all batches of MOTHER SPF are thoroughly tested to ensure that they are safe, manufactured by a TGA approved facility, that the SPF claims on the bottle are exceeded and that the quantity of approved active ingredients is present before they are released to the public. It’s these steps that helps you trust MOTHER has your best interests – and best skin – in mind at all times of production.

Listen to MOTHER founders chat more about they sustainability practices.

YouTube video

Congratulations to MOTHER for this Climate Positive Certification!

Learn more about MOTHER SPF and if you’d like help choosing a sunscreen, drop us an email at [email protected] or contact us via our Live Chat.

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