Mother Of Pearl by MotherSPF is like Bali in a bottle

March 14, 2023 MOTHER SPF

Can’t get away but got the beach calling? The Mother Of Pearl, the new launch from sun care queens MotherSPF, is giving us serious Bali vibes.

MotherSPF are big on solving beauty problems. Problem 1: sunscreens can be harmful to the environment. Solution: MotherSPF’s Mineral SPF30 is reef friendly, certified carbon positive and uses tubes that are made from plastic that would normally end up in landfill and are 100% recyclable. Problem 2: sunscreens contain chemicals that can harm skin and self. Solution: MotherSPF’s Mineral SPF30 is all-natural, without silicones, parabens, synthetic preservatives, PEGs, sulphates (SLS/SLES), GMOs, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, or chemical sunscreen actives. And finally, Problem 3: natural sunscreens can look ashy or leave a dreaded white cast on the skin. Solution: enter MotherSPF The Mother Of Pearl


The Mother Of Pearl is a customisable glow-boosting bronzing fluid that can be used to counteract the dreaded white, ashy cast from your mineral sunscreen but it has lots of other uses too. We love these bronzing drops for their ability to deliver serious beach holiday vibes to your skin. We’re talking Bali in a bottle, summer goddess skin.

MotherSPF The Mother Of Pearl: How it works

Add before (or after) your SPF: Mix Mother Of Pearl with your daily moisturiser, and then follow with SPF on top. The bronzed glow will shine through and mitigates any white cast from sunscreen. How much should you use? We recommend starting with just one drop and then building up as required.

Mix with your Moisturiser/Serum: Forget the layer of foundation and add Mother Of Pearl to tint your base instead. You’ll get a dewy, glowing and sun-tinted look without a heavy layer of makeup on top.

One foundation for all seasons: If you’re noticing the foundation you bought in autumn or winter isn’t matching your post-holiday skin, adding a few drops of Mother Of Pearl makes one shade work year-round without the need to invest in additional product as your skin tone changes. Skin tone a little deeper on your forehead than the rest of your face? Our complexions are naturally a myriad of tones, which is why foundation can often appear as a mask. With Mother Of Pearl, you can add a little extra bronze to your forehead or neck while keeping your foundation lighter anywhere you need to.

Bronzer or Highlighter: Ever feel your powder bronzer is making your skin look dull? We love a cream bronzer, but they often sit heavy on the skin. Mother Of Pearl is super lightweight and tints the skin without feeling heavy. It’s gorgeous on top or instead of makeup as your bronzing product, and can also be used in place of highlighter  to add definition and glow.

Body Highlighter: We can’t talk Bali and beach beauty without conjuring images of sun kissed skin – collarbones, shoulders, decollate. Mix Mother Of Pearl with your body oil and apply all over the body for special events or use a brush to blend over exposed areas. It’s the perfect finishing touch to your evening beauty routine!

MotherSPF The Mother Of Pearl: Protection

MotherSPF created Mother Of Pearl with protection in mind, but not the sunscreen protection that you might be thinking – for that check out their mineral SPF30.

Free Radical Protection
Mother Of Pearl includes powerful antioxidants such as Kakadu Plum and a stable form of Vitamin C to combat the damaging effects of free radicals caused by exposure to environmental aggressors such as UV rays and pollutants. This is why it’s a match made in heaven to be wearing it under your SPF.

Blue Light Protection
Thoughtful ingredients are working hard for Mother Of Pearl. They’ve used fractionated Melanin which is the first cosmetic ingredient designed to be used topically as an additional environmental defence against Blue Light.

Anti-Pollution Protection
Spend your days in a city? Mother Of Pearl is designed to help your skin battle the city’s harsh pollutants. It does this by creating a protective layer of antioxidants on your skin along with vitamins.


What’s the finish like?
While it’s concentrated, it’s a very sheer formula. Expect enough shimmer to give you a natural, luminous glow, without being a disco ball and having just enough colour to look like you have just gotten back from a holiday in Bali!

Can I use it every day?
It’s been designed for everyday use. It shields you from environmental aggressors, adds hydration and antioxidants to the skin and makes you look like a glowy bronzed goddess. Why wouldn’t you want that daily?

Who is Mother Of Pearl for?
Skin microbiome queens, bronzer lovers, and pretty much anyone who likes their skin to look glowing, healthy, and gorgeous – that’s you right?

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