Meet Versatile Perfumer Anne-Sophie Behaghel

November 24, 2023 Fragrance, Versatile Paris

One of the esteemed Perfumers behind Versatile perfumes is Anne-Sophie Behaghel; co-founder of Parisian perfume lab FLAIR. Together with a female team of perfumers, they are the noses behind our alcohol-free fragrance collection Versatile Paris that has recently launched in Australia. Anne-Sophie Behaghel herself is the nose behind two alluring Versatile perfumes including the sparkling Culot Thé – a reimagined Jasmine that incorporates apricot and spices with fresh floral notes.

Meet Anne-Sophie Behaghel, Nose, Perfumer & Co-Founder of FLAIR

Can you introduce yourself?

“I make perfumes and I love it.”

Hi, nice to meet you, I’m Anne-Sophie Behaghel and I’m an associate perfumer at Flair. I’m cheerful by nature and one of my strengths is boldness. I really appreciate Coralie’s projects because I think they reveal our artistic souls.

Perfumer – a vocation, a calling?

To be in the clichés: yes. It is the sense that guided me the most, since I was a child. Growing up in Paris, a city with hot streets and crowded public transportation, I was a curious child, observing everything around me. This is how I realized very early that I wanted to become a Nose. Amélie (my partner) quickly joined me in my training.

A colour that defines you?


Your comforting smell?

Clean scents, Musk, sweet and sensual scents.

Your favourite accord?

It’s hemp & of course Musk.

What is the perfect combination for you?

I think it’s Amélie Bourgeois and I in perfume, because I consider her my ideal partner. No, I’m kidding, in real life, I would say Musk (without hesitation) and why not Orange Blossom.

Your inspirations?

Most of the time, I am inspired by people: the smiles, the way they move, the way they look at others, the way they live.

Your ideal perfume?

As you have noticed: all perfumes as long as there is at least 50% of Musks.

Your favourite raw material?

Pink Pepper (in CO₂ extract)

What is the raw material that you hate?

You will probably be disappointed… but it is honey (in all its forms)

Your favourite food?

Sausage! (I have to stop myself from buying it)

Your favourite drink?

Red wine!

Do you find Versatile briefs easily?

“It starts with a meeting, a discussion, ideas and then the story with the Flair studio began.”

They are easy, but at the same time not easy. I explain myself: the briefs speak to me, but at the same time (artistic director: Coralie) knows her ideas so well that she takes you where she wants (it sometimes takes a while to reach her) but it’s exciting, the director becomes our engine.

What do you think of your Versatile creations?

Culot thé was a challenging creation: a tea, yes, but fruity, apricot with notes of ginger, wasabi, garlic… It was too good with a real research work. I used my feeling a lot less than usual, but it looks good, the proof!

In your opinion, what is the element that will evolve in perfumery?

Perfumery evolves all the time a bit like fashion, the classics come back revisited, but I agree with my sidekick Amélie, there is a gleam of novelty, never seen since we are perfumers, in the eyes of the creations: like the naturalness in the fruits.


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