Meet The Nose: Introducing Camille Chemardin

December 15, 2023 Fragrance, Versatile Paris

“Perfume is about experimentation!” says Camille Chemardin, Junior Perfumer and Nose at Paris based independent perfume lab FLAIR. The Nose behind some of our cult perfumes by Versatile Paris including Dimanche Flemme, Accrodisiaque and Rital Date, Camille is a graduate of the Ecole Supérieure du Perfume in Paris and has been creating such alluring fragrances for FLAIR for over five years.

Meet Camille Chemardin

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Camille and I have been a junior perfumer at Flair for 5 years. I just turned 26 and I graduated from the École Supérieure du Parfum in Paris. I love working at Flair and creating beautiful creations. I am positive and loyal by nature and my personality plays an important role in my work.

Perfumer – a vocation, a calling?

From an early age, I was torn between two dreams: to become a perfumer or an adventurer, like Indiana Jones (but with a skirt). These two passions finally combined, as my fascination for history and adventure found its place in the world of fragrances. Besides, I’ve always been attracted to scents. For me, a perfume is to be able to put emotions in a bottle and that’s what I like.

A colour that defines you?


Your comforting smell?

That’s a very good question, almost philosophical. I would say very “second skin” notes, both discreet but present.

Your favourite accord?

Tuberose as well as anything that can be worked with tuberose.

What is the perfect combination for you?

For me, the perfect association is:  juniper berries + ginger for a perfect gin and tonic. Fresh and sparkling!

Your inspirations?

My inspirations are my culinary discoveries, but also my family and friends who are very important to me.

Your ideal perfume?

I would say that my ideal perfume would be a kind of “second skin”.

Your favourite raw material?

Virginia cedar.

What is the raw material that you hate?

Oxane (smells like rotten meat/blood)

Your favourite food?

For the comfort mood: pasta carbonara or a good burger

Your favourite drink?

The iconic St-Germain Spritz

Do you find Versatile briefs easily?

They are very challenging. To be honest, the idea itself is simple, universal, but the execution is a real challenge and I like that.

What do you think of your Versatile creations?

I really enjoyed working with the green note in Dimanche flemme. I think it’s a comforting green with a nice sweetness. I am happy with the result of creating this fragrance.

In your opinion, what is the element that will evolve in perfumery?

With the future regulatory constraints that are coming, the fear of allergens and the desire to have a cleaner perfumery, I think the future is in the rise of green chemistry with the discovery of new molecules that will expand our olfactory palette.


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