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July 22, 2022 Accessories, Otis Batterbee

Meet our new makeup brush obsession. Designed in London with inspiration joyously taken from the colours of Miami’s Art Deco architecture, these are makeup brushes but not as you know them. Beyond mere practicality, this collection of brushes speak as much to the collector of beautiful objects, as they do to the professional makeup artist. Otis Batterbee brushes have been thoughtfully developed to apply makeup expertly and deliver a flawless finish – all while being an object of desire.

With several incredible brush sets in the current line-up, including the must-have Total Face Set and the favourite Face & Body Brush, we’re delighted to introduce you to the person behind the brand. Entrepreneur and designer, let’s chat with Otis Batterbee founder, Otis Batterbee.

Meet Otis Batterbee

Q. Tell us a little about your background and how Otis Batterbee brushes came to be?

I actually studied fashion at Central St Martins School of Art & Design in London. I worked for a number of luxury houses in Paris, designing small goods such as purses, bags and makeup bags and that was when I noticed a gap in the market. At the time makeup bags were either super cheap and poor quality or super expensive, so I designed a collection, took them to the department store Liberty of London and suddenly I had a new business. I wanted to expand out from the bags and I bought every makeup brush on the market and I didn’t actually think they were very good. So I set about designing and testing, it took two years and here they are. Professional brushes, vegan, cruelty free and just all round nice things to have in your life.

Q. What makes an Otis Batterbee brush stand out against other brushes?

They are super soft and pick up just the right amount of powder or cream. The brushes are also constructed in a way that limits any bristles from dropping out and they wash super well too. I used professional makeup artists to test the brushes from the beginning so I got a completely honest answer and now most makeup artists in the UK use our brushes by choice.

Q. The first thing people notice about the brushes, other than the striking design, is how soft they are! What materials did you choose to work with and what part does sustainability play?

When I first thought about creating makeup brushes I looked deeper into the market than maybe most people would. We created one of the first recycling schemes for makeup brushes, here in the UK, and we hope to expand out to other countries in the not too distant future. We use nylon for the bristles and a lot of brushes on the market are not that soft and I think the softness plays such an important part, you are after all putting this on to the skin on your face. I wanted our brushes to be vegan and cruelty free and being approved by PETA is really important to us here.

Q. Otis Baterbee brushes are completely unique in appearance. What was the inspiration behind the aesthetic?

My first tools collection is a curated line-up of makeup brushes and blending sponges inspired by 1980’s candy shades found on Miami’s art deco south beach boulevards. I’m completely obsessed with art-deco.

Q. What was the design process like – how does one decide what makes a good makeup brush?

I think I must have purchased about 200 makeup brushes, some were okay, a lot were not okay. I completely designed these tools from start to finish, from the brush density right down to even the weight of the brush. I have driven the factory nuts but I’m so happy with the result and the feedback has been incredible.

Q. As a brand founder, what are some of the challenges you overcame in creating this line?

Covid was a challenge because travel was a challenge but we got there in the end.

Q. Any advice for future beauty entrepreneurs and designers?

Have a clear idea on what you want the business to be from the start. Start with a simple business plan and you can always adapt and grow it as necessary. I think you need to be passionate about what you’re doing.

Q. You’ve curated the brushes into incredible sets. What’s the one brush or set everyone needs?

The Total Face Brush Set has everything you need to start off, lip & brow when you need some definition on those two areas. The Body & Face is so, so good for applying fake tan.


Learn more about Otis Batterbee at The Andersen Edit and discover the makeup brush line here.

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