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March 29, 2022 Haircare, ROZ

Whether you covet a beachy, boho hair aesthetic or a polished blowout with a touch of California cool, there is only one name you want in your LA little black book. Meet Mara Roszak, the celebrity hairstylist responsible for the tresses of LA’s It Girls and red carpet glitterati. No doubt the mastermind behind most of your hairstyle screenshots (think Emma Stone, Olivia Wilde, Lily Collins and Zoe Saldana), Mara is also the Founder of cult hair line, ROZ (pronounced, “rose”), which we’re thrilled to have launched at Andersen Beauty.

When a new brand is launched with a single hero product, we’re always intrigued. It demonstrates an incredible belief in, and an immense dedication to creating one item with the utmost care, consideration and integrity. Often, it also reflects it’s founder most closely. In discovering ROZ’s Santa Lucia Styling Oil, we found a debut hair product that is both beautifully designed on the outside, and uses thoughtfully selected ingredients of the highest quality inside, to achieve genuine results. All this in the most effortless, minimal of ways. A little whimsical, completely authentic and effortlessly cool – this is our impression of ROZ hair, and also encapsulates it’s founder, Mara Roszak.

With two essential products in the current line-up, the cult-favourite Santa Lucia Styling Oil and the deeply nourishing and restorative Willow Glen Treatment Oil, we’re delighted to introduce you to the woman behind the brand. Entrepreneur, celebrity stylist, mother, haircare mastermind and Californian cool girl; let’s chat with ROZ founder, Mara Roszak.

On launching ROZ…

Q. What inspired you to create ROZ?

I live and breathe hair product. My hairdressing work is only as good as the products I’m using! I need products that are reliable & perform. I’m sent so many brands to try constantly, I often feel there is something to be desired in their performance. I also see how overwhelming it is to choose products, to know what works for you. I knew I needed to create a curated line of essentials, simplifying the process, any product of RŌZ will do what it says, leaving you with nourished beautiful hair, enhancing the hairs natural beauty.

Q. Tell us a little about your brand philosophy, would should people know about ROZ?

RŌZ is a curated, clean luxury hair care brand with performance driven products. Each product is developed by me based on the philosophy that you don’t need a ton of product to have your most gorgeous natural healthy hair. Beautiful essentials based on my 20 years of experience hairdressing!

Q. The debut product to launch was ROZ Santa Lucia; why did you choose a styling oil?

When people hear “oil” they often think heavy and greasy but in fact hair oil CAN be and should be the universal foundation for all hair types when it comes to styling. Everyone can benefit from shiny healthy hair with a lightweight oil. RŌZ Santa Lucia cuts your blow dry time by giving the hair a beautiful natural slip, it de-frizz’s so your blow dry lasts longer, it takes away the freshly washed fluff giving your hair that perfect natural texture on air dried hair, it won’t weigh the hair down.

Q. Does ROZ suit all hair types – even fine/thin hair?

Start with less on finer hair – 1 pump is all you need, on ends and mid-lengths. Apply more as needed! Once you get in the groove of using the product you will find the sweet spot with how much you need.

Q. There is a stunning attention to detail across the entire line, even down to the textured misty green boxes. The ROZ bottles feature beautiful frosted glass that feels very luxurious. What inspired the packaging?

Minimalist but still whimsical. I couldn’t believe how my vision was brought to life. We had many renditions but it was very clear once we “had it”! I got to work with a very dear friend of mine Camilla Whitman on all of the packaging design. She is the RŌZ creative director and one of the most talented humans I know. Ive loved the process of working with Camilla creatively so very much.

I do believe it is every brands responsibility to have a major focus on sustainability. We are working hard to minimize waste & look forward to getting to a place where our bottles are refillable- more to come there! Our packaging is recyclable and we partnered with BOOX shipping boxes that are fully reusable, instead of single use cardboard boxes.

On the intoxicating fragrance…

Q. Fragrance is an essential part of the ROZ story that contributes to the complete sensorial experience of using the products. What was the inspiration behind the scent?

My favorite place to visit in California is Big Sur. It is the most stunning drive up the coast from Los Angeles, ocean on one side & the red wood forest opposite. It’s pure heaven! Waking up there, the greenery misty, that scent is what inspired the RŌZ fragrance.

On life as the ROZ Founder and being a beauty entrepreneur…

Q. What have you learnt about being an entrepreneur?

Haha that it’s not an easy task! That you have to often remind yourself of your “why” or your purpose. Taking a step back, breathing through the hard parts, having a supportive team & someone you can be very open and honest with about your struggles (my husband).

Q. What has been the most rewarding thing about creating your own line of haircare?

Definitely seeing my peers use it, other incredible hairdressers genuinely using and loving it! How clients & editors, people throughout my career being super supportive. That’s incredibly rewarding & heartwarming.

On LA life and wanderlust…

Q. You must travel extensively for work, but if you could wake up tomorrow in any hotel in the world, where would it be?

Londolozzi in South Africa! It’s the most incredible place I’ve ever been. My husband and I went for our honeymoon and I can’t wait to bring our child back there one day.

Q. Favourite city in the world?

Los Angeles is my home & I’ve never actually lived anywhere else (which is pretty shocking). I’m grateful to get to travel the world for my work & get out, but rarely do I feel the desire to leave leave LA. My top fav cities to visit are Tokyo, I love how enriched in culture it is, how much they value good food, the shopping is beyond! I also love Paris for the romance, beauty truly surrounds you there & I love that.

Q. A perfect day in LA begins with…

A coffee in the yard.

Q. A perfect day in LA ends with…

A glass of wine by the fire pit.

Q. You’ve visited Australia, what’s your favourite memory?

I came on a press tour in 2014 and stayed in Sydney just in front of the gorgeous opera house by the water. I remember we landed, went straight to the water and out our feet in the sand. It felt so grounding and refreshing after a long flight! I got a recommendation from a friend of mine for an incredible dinner. We booked the reservation for the entire team, at least 10 of us, and it was one of the best meals we had on this almost month long press tour! I truly felt like a Queen having had the rec. I wonder if the restaurant is still there -I need to find the name of it.

Q. Early bird or night owl?

Definitely not an early bird. Not much of a night owl since having a child, but I definitely prefer late night chats with friends to early mornings!

On hair and wellness…

Q. What is your personal hair aesthetic?

Healthy hair! I truly believe that hair health is the foundation for beautiful hair or any hairstyle/look.

Q. You have such a wealth of experience, skill and wisdom in hairstyling. Why did you decide to work in hair and beauty?

I was drawn to it so early in life. At 13 I started getting really interested in hair specifically, doing my own & then my friends. I’ve been told by astrologers that my appreciation for beauty is deep within me, written into the cards. I will say that it feels that way, not in a vain way but in a deeply meaningful way. I love playing an intimate roll in highlighting parts of women.

Q. If you weren’t working in hair, what’s your dream job?

Interior design!!

Q. Beyond ROZ, tell us about your self care and wellness rituals.

I love acupuncture and massage. From hairdressing & being on my feet all day long, on and off planes, the body can get into bad shape. I book a massage consistently mixed with acupuncture & cupping. When I’m consistent with a couple times a month I notice a huge difference and feel so much better.

On the ROZ collection…

Q. What is your favourite product from the collection?

The RŌZ Santa Lucia styling oil is the product I use daily on my hair. I formulated it based on the only styling product I use on my hair & the foundation for any styling I do on clients. Fresh out of the shower, it’s my one and done hair product.

Q. Your Willow Glen Treatment Oil is an incredibly nourishing and repairing treatment oil. How – and how often – should we be using it?

I try to sleep in my Willow Glen treatment oil once a week. I’ll take a bath before bed, rub the oil all over my body when it’s still slightly moist from the bath, then saturate my hair with it & wash it out in the morning. Sometimes I’ll throw a little on my ends when my hair is needing extra moisture.

Q. What tips would you give to a hair styling novice?

Stay kind and open. Say yes to lots of work in the beginning, the more your hands are in hair the more you learn! Because every head of hair is so different, experience goes such a long way!

On life as the ROZ founder…

Q. ROZ feels very minimalist and paired back, is this a reflection of your style?

Absolutely, it feels so much like me 🤍

Q. What advice would you give your 10-year-old self?

I would definitely tell her to not get that perm! Haha. My hair was never quite the same again.

Q. What are some of the challenges you’ve faced while creating ROZ?

Throughout covid I don’t think I’ve met a brand that hasn’t dealt with supply chain issues. A component of our packaging was back ordered & then when it was finally sent, it was wrong! I was heartbroken because I had my heart set on a launch date. We made it all work but it all felt so big in the moment!

On the future of ROZ hair…

Q. Any clues as to what’s coming next for ROZ?

Yes absolutely! I’m currently working on a beautiful shampoo, conditioner & mask. Because I’m a stylist, the performance of the products is most important! It takes a while to formulate for that reason. I can’t wait to share more of what we have to come!!



Learn more about ROZ at The Andersen Edit and discover even more about this Californian Cool Girl haircare line here.

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