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December 1, 2022 Bath & Body, LOVEBYT, Wellness

Taking something simple, and elevating it into something special is a unique power that we’re thrilled to spotlight in this edition of The Andersen Edit.

Have you ever wondered where your toothpaste comes from? What’s inside – and who decides? Maybe you pick up the same one you’ve used in years without considering, could there be something better? When we discovered LOVEBYT, we were impressed to see that these oral care products were as effective as they were thoughtfully made. All-natural, certified vegan, and the brainchild of a female founder on Sydney’s northern beaches.

Meet Tash Scutts, Founder of LOVEBYT

Q. LOVEBYT has elevated oral care with all-natural products that really perform. What inspired you to create this brand?

I have 2 vegan, young adult daughters who were looking for a vegan certified toothpaste and also one that had no nasty chemicals. There was nothing available on the market so I saw an opportunity to make an Australian made, vegan certified all – natural toothpaste.

Q. For those new to LOVEBYT, what is the first product they should start with?

I would suggest the peppermint toothpaste. This is the most common flavour in toothpastes and if you are transitioning to an all- natural toothpaste then this makes the switch easy. This is because the peppermint in a great strong menthol taste and LOVEBYT formulas still has a mild foam so the user experience is very similar to the commercial versions.

Q. How important is being all-natural to the LOVEBYT story?

I think being all natural is very important. Anything we put into our mouth is absorbed directly into our blood stream. With cancer still on the rise, I wanted to reduce the amount of chemicals we are using daily. By using natural ingredients in LOVEBYT toothpaste, you are still cleaning your teeth effectively whilst at the same time reducing the level of chemicals entering the bloodstream.

Q. What should people be aware of or look for when choosing oral care products?

If your oral care product does not say Made in Australia, then it is more than likely made in China. Chinese made products will include the cheapest ingredients the manufactures can find. I would feel more confident knowing that the ingredients in my toothpaste are from a reputable source and the Australian company has 100% transparency with the local manufacturer.

Q. Which is your favourite LOVEBYT toothpaste?

I love Cinnamon & Clove. It has the creamiest foam, a delicate menthol undertone and then a subtle cinnamon & clove note on top. Kids love this too. For anyone with teeth sensitivity or gum inflammation this really helps calm and restore gum health. Also, great if you whiten your teeth professionally and have sensitivity after treatment.

Q. The LOVEBYT packaging looks beautiful in the bathroom, what was behind the design?

I wanted to elevate the look of toothpaste. Since it was something that was being used 2 x daily, why did it have to be in an ugly tube and then popped in the draw to hide it. I worked with a famous Australian designer called Bruce Goold whose pattern Kentia Palm is the print on all of the packaging. I wanted it to have an Australian feel without the cheesiness of traditional Australian flora & fauna. The cylinder was to make it stand out from the crowd. This was designed to be re-purposed. I would suggest using it to store hair elastics, buttons or pencils.

Q. What were some of the challenges you faced while developing an all-natural, cruelty-free oral care range?

The biggest challenge I had, was getting the flavours right. There were many natural toothpaste offerings already on the market but the flavours were unpleasant or they didn’t foam and therefore lacked an enjoyable user experience. I really disliked the flavour of bicarbonate of soda that was used in natural toothpaste. We had to find an alternative abrasive that was natural but still was effective and had no flavour. I also wanted LOVEBYT to foam, because I love the experience of a foaming toothpaste. It makes me feel like I am thoroughly cleaning my teeth. We found using a natural surfactant from coconuts created a lovely foam. It took me 17 months working closely with a cosmetic chemist to get the 3 flavours perfect.

Q. What are some of the highlights of your journey with LOVEBYT?

The biggest highlight is that we are the first Australian female led company to create an elevated natural oral beauty brand, that was 100% Australian made and owned. To be the pioneers of the beautification of toothpaste is a huge highlight.

Q. Tell us a little about your background – have you always been passionate about wellness and beauty?

Before starting my business in 2017, I was the head buyer for 8 years at an Australian fashion company called bassike. I have always been an advocate for health and wellness and love anything beauty related. I used to do the neighbourhood kids makeup when I was about 10years old, but having worked for an Australian made fashion company – which is rare, I was most passionate about making my product in Australia. We need to support our own manufacturing industries, in our own country. With so much buzz around clean energy and climate change, we are crazy to not support our local companies rather than support companies who make their products in China using our cheap coal. This is not helping the world with our climate issues.

How has your background and experience in the fashion industry guided or helped you with creating LOVEBYT?

The fashion industry is probably the most competitive and cut throat industries to work in. To be successful in this industry you have to execute every aspect of the business with a high degree of skill, talent and creativity. I believe that working in this industry for a very successful company taught me how to create my own product and take the skills I learnt to develop, market and execute my products at a high level of professionalism.

Q. People might be surprised to learn the meaning behind the name – can you tell us how you came up with the name LOVEBYT?

This was one of the hardest aspects of starting the business. My daughters and I were sitting on the couch one night and thinking of what we should call the business. It was my daughter Olivia that came up with LOVE BY Tash. We put the letters together and came up with LOVEBYT. We quickly checked that the .com was available and it was. That night we registered the name and domain. By not having a name, it was a bit of a road block. Once I had this, it was full steam ahead.

Q. Sydney’s northern beaches are a beautiful part of the world and also the LOVEBYT HQ. What’s your idea of a perfect day off?

In summer on a Sunday, I will go for an early morning walk around the beaches, get a coffee, then head to Palm Beach with an umbrella an esky filled with ice and chopped up watermelon and mango. I usually meet up with my extended family or whoever is around and swim and chat for a few hours of rest & relaxation. The afternoon we spend cooking and eating. This is my ultimate day off.

Q. Who are your beauty icons?

I love Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert @giovannaengelbert
She has worked with Italian Vouge, W in New York and is now creative director Swarovski. I more than anything love the way she dresses & her hair and makeup are impeccable. A very cool natural beauty icon.

Q. What are your secrets to feeling beautiful?

I love clothes and makeup. These make me feel good about myself. I think also getting 8 hours of sleep each night help too. I have always taught my daughters that beauty comes from the inside. Having a good personality is more beautiful that looks.

Q. What’s a typical day like as the founder of LOVEBYT?

I wake at 5.30 and go to my local gym for a class. Then I drive to the headland at Avalon for a coffee at classic coffee @classiccoffee
Classic coffee is a van that sits on the top of the southern headland at Avalon Beach. The view is stunning and there is always a friend to chat with. I might also go for a quick 30 min walk with one of my daughters after the gym & a coffee. I’m home by 8am and ready to start my day. Each day ranges from finance, marketing, product design & development, liaising with my distributor or new stockist. I try to have lunch around 1pm which is a leafy salad and then finish by 5.30. Luckily working for myself I can be flexible. I often work on the weekend too.

Q. If you could go back in time, what advice would you give to yourself as a budding entrepreneur?

I would say read a book called Never Split the difference by Christopher Voss. The book has given me great tools to help me negotiate. I would highly recommend this book for any business owner.

Q. What’s in your makeup bag?

LOVEBYT peppermint toothpaste and a bamboo brush of course. I always use an SPF under my foundation. I am loving Mother SPF. My make up is a mix of Charlotte Tilbury, Ere Perez, Nars or Chantecaille. I love drunk elephant soap bar for a face cleanser and weleda skin food as my moisturiser.

Q. Do you have any self care rituals that help you unwind?

I love to run a bath, put in a large handful of coconut oil, light a candle, drink a cup of tea and relax. This helps me to unwind if I am feeling stressed. I brush my teeth with charcoal & mint toothpaste at night. This takes a bit longer to do as the foam is grey and you have to rinse a few more times. It’s a bit of a nightly treatment, like a night face cream. I have a glass of magnesium powder to relax my muscles and then 8 hours of sleep.

Q. Where does the inspiration for new products come from, and what might be next for LOVEBYT?

I have a fourth flavour that I have just signed off on the formula as well as a kids range that has been developed. 4th quarter of 2023 will see some new additions to the range. I get inspiration from travelling overseas. It was a visit to Japan in 2016 where I drew the inspiration for developing a charcoal toothpaste.


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