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More about Manasi 7

About Manasi 7

Founded in 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden, beauty brand Manasi 7 offers natural and organic products for face, lips and eyes.  With luxurious textures and high colour pay-off, Manasi 7 delivers multifunctional makeup that lasts.

Meet the Manasi 7 Founder:
Susanne Manasi Persson

With more than 20 years of experience as a makeup artist and more than 8 years as a product developer, the founder of Manasi 7, Susanne Manasi Persson, has great knowledge of cosmetic formulas and the wide range of beauty products and colours available to the customers. With an approach to product development that is at the same time deeply thoughtful and refreshingly boundary-crushing, she is always one step ahead.

The conventionally produced beauty products Susanne used in her line of work as a makeup artist dominate the market and give great performance, but often contain synthetic chemicals that give neither nourishing nor moisturising benefits to the skin. They can also have negative impact on both our health and the environment. Her professional experience combined with her natural lifestyle and knowledge about nutrition, started her mission to create beauty products that are better for ourselves and our environment, without having to compromise on premium quality or high performance.

Manasi 7

Manasi 7. Natural. Timeless. Multifunctional.

Founded by professional makeup artist Susanne Manasi Persson, the Stockholm-based cosmetics line Manasi 7 offers minimally processed, small batch natural , wild harvested and organic eye, lip and face products with luxurious, high-intensity colour. Select, pure, natural, simple and sustainably produced, Manasi 7 delivers timeless, multifunctional makeup that lasts.

Sustainability at the forefront

The conventionally produced beauty products Susanne Manasi used in her line of work as a makeup artist often contain synthetic chemicals that can have a negative impact on both health and the environment. Many brands mass-produce and change their products several times in one season. Manasi7 stands for a more sustainable way of developing beauty products. “We want to contribute to a shift to more sustainable ways of using beauty products by creating timeless and multifunctional products through sustainable development processes and production cycles that emphasise on minimising the environmental footprint by also focusing on waste management and energy consumption management. We must always respect the principles of sustainability and social equity.”

Manasi 7

The Manasi 7 difference

The collection consists of carefully selected beauty products and contemporary shades that are made in a slow pace and an environmentally friendly way from the beginning to the end of the production cycle. The collection is made with high quality natural, wild harvested and certified organic ingredients in small batches to ensure premium quality.

The products are highly concentrated and designed to last for a while. Use them to build up a subtle natural feeling or all the way to a statement look. Build up your look with any of our products to create stunning new styles. You will find a selection of contemporary shades, finishes and textures that can be applied as layers to give as much or as little impact as you feel like. Our products are highly concentrated and a little goes a long way. Handle your products with care and they will last for a long time. Less is more. We offer beauty products with ingredients that are grown ethically, sustainably and in harmony with the environment.

They are highly concentrated and contain no unnecessary fillers or additives and less water. They are always free from Alcohol, BHA and BHT, Bismuth oxychloride, Canola oil, Carrageenan, Citric acid, Cottonseed oil, Dea, Tea, MEA & ETA, Formaldehyde or Formaldehyde releasing ingredients, Gluten, GMOs and its derivatives, Heavy metals, Lanolin, Maltodextrin, Dairy, Mineral oil, Nano, Parabens including those in fragrance blends, PEG (Polyethylene glycol), Peanut oil, Phatalates, Propylene glycol, Safflower oil, Silicones/Siloxanes and its derivatives, SLS & SLES (Sodium laureth/lauryl sulfate), Soy and its derivatives, Synthetic ingredients (raw materials/antioxidants/spf/fragrance blends), Tricoslan, Wheat and Xanthan gum. Manasi 7 is never tested on animals.

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