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Sweden’s most loved high-performance skincare and haircare brand

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The Lernberger Stafsing story

Lernberger Stafsing is a Swedish company founded, run and fully owned by us – Patrik Lernberger and Mattias Stafsing. The company was founded upon the belief that you are considerably more fantastic, remarkable and exciting than you generally show. You deserve a more luxurious everyday where you feel good both on the inside and the outside. You deserve to know what affects you on the inside as well on the outside to be able to make conscious and deliberate choices.

Meet the Founders:
Patrik Lernberger & Mattias Stafsing


The artist who loves hair, is how I often describe myself. I know the impact colour and shape can have with a person’s frame and outlook on life. Our mindset forms our reality, so feeling beautiful both on the outside and on the inside is key, and if I can be a helping hand in making your every day exceptional, then that is amazing. For many years I have had the privilege of helping both men and women on live television with makeovers, and from early on, my drive and philosophy was to display on the outside someone’s inner-self. My passion and creativity has taken me around the world, teaching and inspiring hairdressers with my philosophy. It was only natural that all experience would lead me to create my own hair care line, launching Lernberger Stafsing in 2011 with founding partner Mattias Stafsing.


My love for aesthetics and the overall concept has crowned me as the “The Protector of Beauty and Guardian of Details.” Every year, The Swedish artist elite let me express my devotion by illuminating each person’s unique and beautiful affinity. I am convinced that every person is a little more extraordinary than they think they are, so with my makeup brushes as tools, I often hear that I enhance their unique personalities. During my time as a fashion model, I became aware of the importance of a good beauty regimen, and in my current work as a hair and makeup artist, it is fundamental. My life experience in the beauty industry has also attracted me to co-create Lernberger Stafsing.

Lernberger Stafsing


Our heritage as Scandinavians stands for pureness, simple elegance and grace. It’s synonymous with high quality and honest, sustainable and natural mindset about production. The combination of the eclectic style and persona of Mattias & Patrik with the Scandinavian heritage results in a unique brand experience that meets international standards. We call it Scandinavian Beauty.

Lernberger Stafsing products

All products are unique, made in Sweden from our own recipes. Impossible to copy, free from harmful chemicals. Making products out of heart, knowledge and conscience. Making you brighter, bolder and more beautiful. By focusing on both the inside and the outside we deliver products of the best possible quality for a discerning and modern person. We care about the inside ingredients effect on the environment and the body, but only as a prerequisite for making the outside as beautiful, pleasurable and attractive as possible. Content and surface. Products and packaging. LS is always both.

Clean beauty and beyond

Our Scandinavian heritage speaks for purity, simplicity, and grace; high-quality that is sustainable. The mix between the founders’ eclectic style and the Scandinavian legacy results in the avant-garde momentum which we call Scandinavian Beauty.

Welcome to the world of Lernberger Stafsing.

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