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More about LA FERVANCE

LA FERVANCE is an independent, original and authentic Australian-French company; experts in sustainable luxury beauty.

The founder of LA FERVANCE, Melissa Obeid, has directed and overseen every aspect of the product profile, performance, ingredient provenance, packaging and testing. With ingredients of the finest quality, and working to the highest global standards, LA FERVANCE is a luxury brand truly unlike any other.

Meet the LA FERVANCE Founder:
Melissa Obeid

Melissa’s love affair with France was ignited whilst studying at The Paris Fashion Institute in the 90’s. She worked with the biggest names in the fashion world extending these experiences to senior fashion roles back in Australia, followed by a stellar career in high-level arts management. Melissa’s passion for clean beauty led her to initiate the development of a suite of Australian Made, 100% natural beauty products created under Proprietary brands sold nationwide. This was an Australian first.

During this time Melissa recognised a void for impeccably presented, high-performance, 100% natural skincare products developed within an eco-friendly framework.

Seeking absolute perfection, Melissa relocated to France with her husband and their children to collaborate with the global leaders in cosmetic science and active ingredients of 100% natural origin and 100% natural skin care for clean beauty. These experts were excitedly drawn to the integrity of the project and Melissa’s sheer determination to make it succeed. After three years of intense research, development and extensive testing, LA FERVANCE was born.

La Fervance

What sets LA FERVANCE apart from other skincare brands?

LA FERVANCE is an independent Australian-French company that is uniquely linked to both countries. The founder of LA FERVANCE, Australian-born Melissa Obeid, has directed and overseen every aspect of the product profile, performance, ingredient provenance, packaging and testing, with the products proudly Made in France to the highest global standards.

LA FERVANCE is created in an exceptional association with France’s most accomplished, cosmetic scientists and state of the art laboratories – stemming from the globally esteemed Cosmetic Valley.

“LA FERVANCE is ‘Made in France’ in accordance with the most stringent global regulations for the production of prestige, sustainable luxury beauty. Our product efficiency, safety, rigorous procedures and regulatory compliance are all absolute priorities” explains Melissa.

Featuring the finest ingredients of both Australian and French origin, each has been selected with a level of thoughtfulness and consideration that goes beyond the term ‘clean beauty’. Balancing high performance and efficacy with the most luxurious textures and sustainability practices, this is a skincare line that has to be experienced to be believed.

The LA FERVANCE collection of high-end, high performance products begins with Éclat Extraordinaire – a beauty balm that has gained a devoted following worldwide. Soon followed by Gommage Extraordinaire, a decadent exfoliant lovingly referred to as the “Black Beauty” of the collection. The formulations are perfectly balanced and entirely original. With a complex 100% preservative system to ensure the stability of their active formulations, it is designed to successfully streamline the daily ritual, eliminating the need for an excessive number of products. Multi-ritual, multi-functional and truly exceptional.

The Bespoke Fragrances

The products feature 100% natural, custom fragrances that have been designed in France’s perfume heartland, Grasse. Blending ingredients of the finest quality, each fragrance has been chosen to stimulate and soothe the senses for a 360degree sensory self care ritual.


The inspiration behind LA FERVANCE 

In 1800, an expedition sent by Napoleon travelled to Australia under artist Nicolas Baudin, who was instructed to collect examples of Australian flora and fauna and return them to French shores. These were particularly for Napoleon’s wife, Josephine, who was a lover of plants and of all things Australian. The Napoleonic expedition to “Terre Napoleon” was one of discovery, returning three years later with over 200 plants of Australian flora and fauna.

LA FERVANCE was inspired not only by the Napoleonic expedition, but also the strong ties which it’s brand founder, Melissa Obeid, has with both her beloved country of birth and France, where she now lives with her family. The conception of La Fervance developed, as did intense product research, ingredient selection and a dedication to perfectionism and excellence that anchors the collection.

“LA FERVANCE will resonate with those seeking authenticity, integrity and real results.” – Melissa Obeid, Founder


ECOCERT, a global leader in certification in organic farming and organic cosmetics, relies on an international network of 30 branches operating in more than 130 countries.

ECOCERT is also a recognised player in the certification of environmental management systems and fair trade. It sets demanding standards to encourage economic players across all sectors to adopt more responsible practices. Its expertise also covers environmental consulting.

In accordance with its convictions, ECOCERT applies a rigorous environmental policy to all of its activities.

Our Eclat and Gommage have been certified COSMOS NATURAL after a complete audit of ingredients, suppliers, our proprietary formulation, production process, and packaging.

“There can be no ambiguity with COSMOS certification, as they oversee every minute detail of
the entire cycle of creation and production, ensuring it adheres to their standards for excellence
in natural and ethical product development and packaging.” – Melissa Obeid, Founder


All our products are 100% Natural and backed by Cosmos and Ecocert International Certifications – see our Certifications page on our website for full details – We consider ourselves a leading sustainable clean green beauty brand.

It’s a term we use to represent a number of uses for a particular product. For example Eclat Extraordinaire has three core uses and many many more.

The LA FERVANCE gold dust is 23K pure Italian gold (99.99%) and it is conflict free

Our Conflict Free Gold penetrates through the pores, draining lymph nodes and helping to eliminate impurities. Moreover, gold activates a process of cell regeneration, stimulates the production of elastin and collagen and helps blood circulation. The skin, session after session, becomes more and more toned and the complexion appears warmer and more even-toned. Gold’s detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties along with its ‘insulation’ capacity help the skin to fight toxins, enhancing the gold’s supposed anti-aging effect.

Yes all our claims are tested by an independent Laboratory in Europe and are compliant with:

Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (WE) No.1223/2009 on cosmetic products.
• Cosmetics Europe – The Personal Care Association (former COLIPA) Product test guidelines for the Assessment of Human Skin compatibility.
• Cosmetics Europe – The Personal Care Association (former COLIPA) Guidelines for the Evaluation of the Efficacy of Cosmetic Products.

Yes – Our testing comprised dermatological, clinical and instrumental testing, along with an independent test panel representing all skin-types and was carried out in accordance with:

1. The Specialised Testing Laboratory Test Procedure No. PB15/DA

2. Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (WE) no.1223

3. Cosmetics Europe – The Personal Care Association Guidelines – Product test Guidelines for the Assessment of Human Skin Compatibility

4. Cosmetics Europe – The Personal Care Association Guidelines for the Evaluation of the Efficacy of Cosmetic Products

La Fervance Gommage Extraordinaire

“Perfection is our benchmark. We strive for nothing less than the best within every aspect of the LA FERVANCE brand offering. Of course, this is constantly evolving with new discoveries and innovation – hence our best must always be better.”

– Melissa Obeid

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