Ipsum launch the Best Skin Replenishing Mist

April 26, 2023 Ipsum

All-natural Australian skincare brand Ipsum debut the Best Skin Replenishing Mist

Countless awards, a community of adoring influencers, industry accolades and five star reviews; Ipsum Skin is an Andersen Beauty bestseller. We’re going to share why everyone has fallen in love with Ipsum and introduce you to their new launch, the Best Skin Replenishing Mist.

About Ipsum Skin

Ipsum Skincare was founded by former beauty editor and journalist, Janet Hayward after more than 25 years of experience in the industry. Janet took her years of learning, understanding and writing about the best in beauty and created Ipsum; a range that demonstrates the effective power of pure, native plant oils.

Plant oils have long been used for their medicinal and healing qualities. Ipsum was created with an understanding that plant oils naturally contain an array of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals that are invaluable in enriching, fortifying and protecting the skin. Ipsum uses high quality, pure and organic oils, esters and waxes which are extracted only from plants grown in their native habitat to ensure the integrity of benefits to the skin.

“Our formulations are delicately balanced blends of carefully selected nutrient-rich and active native plant oils to ensure each face and body product nourishes, enlivens and protects skin through the rigours of daily life, across the seasons.”

“We use only certified organic and natural oils to protect the bio-diversity of the environment and to avoid introducing unnecessary chemicals into the skin care routine. The natural fragrances of the plant oils also offer great aromatherapy benefits to balance the mood and help support general health. Our formulations are blended and bottled in the clean, verdant and very beautiful hinterland of Byron Bay, NSW Australia under strict COSMOS regulations to preserve the integrity of the environment and our products.”

The integrity behind the brand and its formulations is evident throughout the Ipsum collection, running alongside an understanding of luxurious textures, and the need for effective results. “Ultimately, our aim is to offer highly beneficial, pure and luxurious skin care that will ensure you achieve your very best skin.”

New Best Skin Replenishing Mist

With a collection of award-winning products, Ipsum are incredibly thoughtful when expanding their range. Their new launch fits seamlessly into your skincare routine, alongside the Best Skin Cleansing Oil Balm (winner at the recent Green Edit Awards) and editor’s-favourite Best Skin Face Oil Intense Treatment. The Best Skin Replenishing Mist is a superfine, ultra-hydrating facial treatment mist featuring 15 pure and organic botanical extracts to instantly refresh, tone and revive skin.

And yes – this mist is one of those perfect, goldilocks applicators that gently surrounds the skin with the ideal amount and the ideal strength of spritz.

Formulated to re-energise skin throughout the day, the Ipsum Best Skin Replenishing Mist mist also improves the absorption and benefits of ingredients used during your skincare routine. We recommend misting your skin after cleansing and before applying your serum or facial oil.

How else can you use the Best Skin Replenishing Mist It you haven’t yet discovered facial mists for travel, you’re in for a treat. This is the essential facial treatment to take with you for an airport refresh, long car journey, or hotel beauty touch up. Like the Ipsum Best Skin Face Oil Intense Treatment, it’s formulated with Australian Fragonia, that offers anti-microbial, anti-viral, calming and restorative benefits both emotionally and physically, to soothe, protect and balance skin and mind. Best of all, it can also help regulate natural sleep patterns.

How to use Ipsum Best Skin Replenishing Mist

As a toner or skin balancer to purify the skin and prevent dehydration. After cleansing, soak a cotton pad with Best Skin Replenishing Mist and wipe over the skin to remove any remaining product residue and rehydrate.

As a pre-product treatment. After cleansing and/or toning, spritz the skin generously with Best Skin Replenishing Mist and apply your serum while the skin is still damp, to provide better absorption of ingredients.

As a daily reset. Spritz the face with Best Skin Replenishing Mist during the day, to refresh and re-invigorate the skin without disrupting makeup.

As a travel companion. During air travel, apply the Best Skin Replenishing Mist to rehydrate and sooth dehydrated skin

During travel and periods of sleep disruption, apply Best Skin Replenishing Mist on either clean skin, or on top of makeup to benefit from the native Australian ingredients like Fragonia

To calm. During moments of anxiety or daily stress, mist Best Skin Replenishing Mist to calm and sooth the senses. The light, floral fragrance of Fragonia, Honeysuckle and Lavender helps clear and calm the respiratory system and de-stress the mind.

For facial massage. Prior to applying your facial oil, generously mist the skin with Best Skin Replenishing Mist to intensely hydrate. Apply your facial oil while the skin is still damp, and you will benefit from greater ‘slip’ to seamlessly massage or Gua Sha the skin to avoid pulling and dragging. This step is also a game-changer if you experience extremely dry skin.

Hero Ingredients and Features

This isn’t just a mist for the senses, but has been formulated for ultimate skincare benefits. Best Skin Replenishing Mist is super-hydrating to refresh and alleviate dry and dull skin, thanks to two different molecular weights of plant-sourced hyaluronic acid for in-depth hydration

Best Skin Replenishing Mist contains a high concentration of Vitamin C and unique polyphenol compounds to brighten, repair, rejuvenate and protect skin

It actively helps calm, balance and regulate the mind and the body’s circadian rhythm while offering protection with antimicrobial and antiviral properties, and contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits for even the most sensitive, reactive skin.

Ipsum Best Skin Replenishing Mist is made with 90% organic ingredients and is 100% naturally derived.


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Read about Ipsum Skin & meet the founder on The Andersen Edit


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