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October 24, 2023 Fragrance, Parfumeurs du Monde

Our collection of conscious, highly original perfume is expanding with the launch of Parfumeurs du Monde; 100% natural perfume made in France. Parfumeurs du Monde began in 2016; the brainchild of Thierry BERNARD and Gwenaëlle CHAUVIN with the goal of bringing prestige back to the art of natural high perfumery.

Perfumers of the world

Parfumeurs du Monde brings together great independent perfumers around an olfactory palette that, while somewhat restrictive, becomes rare, complex and bold in the hands of the most daring artisans.

100% Natural Perfume

What does all-natural mean?

What does it mean for a fragrance to be 100% natural? Quite simply, a fragrance composed of 100% natural raw materials! To compose their fragrances, Parfumeurs du Monde use essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extracts, and natural isolates. The natural raw materials come from nature, flowers, fruits, resins, spices, wood or even roots.

CO2 extraction makes it possible to obtain extracts without denaturation (cold extraction) with total elimination of the solvent. It is environmentally friendly because it does not generate greenhouse gases or pollutants. The extract of pink CO2 berries is an example of a product obtained from this technique. Isolates are obtained by fractionating an essential oil to extract specific molecules.

Parfumeurs du Monde has chosen to ban synthetic molecules by placing natural ingredients at the heart of our creations, of your emotions.

Why choose natural perfume?

“A perfumer using synthetic chemistry has a range of more than 4000 molecules. Parfumeurs du Monde works with a palette of 500 scents, so it is much more limited. But each natural material has a multitude of fragrant facets and requires a real knowledge of these materials. These natural materials are alive, they evolve according to the blends, time and especially on your skin.”

Parfumeurs du Monde has chosen to highlight the Natural Perfumery for the love of the men and women who work with these plants, for its commitment to preserve our planet and for the transmission of know-how.

The Nose

Meet the perfumers

In 2016, a group of six perfumers took part in the adventure of Parfumeurs du Monde; Thierry BERNARD, founder and perfumer of Tsingy and Val d’Orcia. Perrine SCANDEL, Isabelle GELLÉ, Michel ROUDNITSKA, and Eric and Jean-Claude GIGODOT, perfumers of Tundzha.

Since then, the collective has expanded to include Clémentine HUMEAU and by Nathalie FEISTHAUER, creator of Nam Chaa and inspired by the luxuriant landscapes of the island of Koh Tao. Additional fragrance creations have joined the range including Les Larmes d’Aden; created by Thierry BERNARD and inspired by the caravans travelling the ancient incense roads, Tjärn; created by Ellen DALGREEN and inspired by her native land of Sweden as well as Makeda, created by Alexandre HELWANi and inspired by the mythical Queen of Sheba.

Perfume as place

Fragrance inspired by Travel

Parfumeurs du Monde perfumes are conceived as olfactory tales, with their perfumers are the writers. As artists, our Parfumeurs du Monde share a taste for travel. Inspired by places around the world, the raw materials are the words that take you to perfumed lands. Discover the region that inspires the perfumes:

SWEDEN | Tjärn

KOH TAO | Nam Chaa

TUSCANY | Val d’Orcia

BULGARIA | Tundzha


YEMEN : Les Larmes d’Aden


Parfumeurs du Monde 100% natural perfume

Conscious Beauty

Commitment to nature

In 2020, in order to pursue our commitment to respecting nature, we entrusted the design and manufacture of our caps to Cyril Larrouy, a master-artisan based in the Pyrenees, guaranteeing a 100% wooden product, certified and made in France.


The collection of fragrances by Parfumeurs du Monde is vegan with the exception of two perfumes: Les Larmes d’Aden that contains beeswax, and Izwe.

You can discover the Parfumeurs du Monde collection both online and in-store at our Melbourne store. For help selecting a scent or personalised recommendations drop us an email at or speak to us via our Live Chat.

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