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Introducing Oio Lab: Beauty and Brains

December 7, 2021 Skincare

Oio Lab is what happens when nature meets science. Connecting organic plant extracts with active ingredients, this pioneering, female founded skincare line from Poland is not only perfectly packaged but also offers clinically proven results. At Oio Lab, the power of nature is constantly subjected to laboratory analysis.

We know what you’re thinking – natural skincare just can’t deliver the same way a test tube full of un-pronounceables can? Think again. Without using synthetic additives and preservatives, Oio Lab create products full of incredible natural ingredients including organic, cold-pressed oils of the highest quality as well as plant extracts obtained using innovative methods. Combining minimal ingredients, their priority is always based on delivering maximum results.

We have a few favourites within the line that we turn to for serious results. Aquasphere is a phenomenal hydrating serum that actually features five types of hydration. Instantly skin plumping and line smoothing, the gel-serum is a beautiful, unique texture that glides over the skin effortlessly before morphing into a water-like consistency. Never sticky, this hydrating serum will have you marvelling at the visible results – Oio Lab’s tests have even shown a 49.5% improvement after seven days!

Lunula Night is just the kind of night-time retinol we’ve been searching for. Featuring patented retinol H10, this powerhouse serum counteracts signs of skin ageing while you sleep – think fine lines, lack of elasticity and uneven skin tone. While it feels more like a luscious oil that a treatment serum (thanks to potent botanical extracts and certified organic oils), Lunula Night is a quickly absorbing elixir that will have your skin recharged overnight, help stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid and leave your complexion feeling regenerated and healthy looking come morning.

One of the most in-demand ingredients is vitamin C and Oio Lab’s The Future Is Bright features a 100% natural vitamin C derivative. Ultra-stable, this treatment oil packs a serious punch in combatting uneven skin tone and aiding brightening. It combines high-quality, certified organic cold-pressed oils with an extraordinary concentration of advanced vitamin C to brighten and unify skin tone. You’ll be treated to rosehip, borage and cranberry seed oils and a dose of nutrient-dense vitamins and fatty acids that leaves skin feeling luminous and pampered. Free of essential oils, this silky textured elixir is one for all skin types.

With eight products within the range, it’s impossible to choose a fave. Each oil, serum or lotion target a specific skin concern be it redness, stressed skin, dehydration, environmental stressors, skin texture, dehydration, blue light, or hormonal imbalance. They are also fantastic to layer and easy to add to an existing skin routine. A favourite of celebrity facialist Joanna Czech, 7 Moments is a go-to for spa-like facial massage at home while Harmony First is an amazingly smart oil that adapts to everyone. Its lightweight and fast absorbing and is even oil-balancing and teen-skin friendly.

With curiosity, care and a deep respect for the planet, Oio Lab selected iconic, violet glass bottles that protect the potent, natural extracts and oils. Staying true to their three core values, Oio Lab respect the power of nature, deliver innovative solutions while embracing and being inspired by traditional wisdom and rituals. “In order to pay attention to our emotional state, we complement every formula with wisdom of rituals. Finding a moment just for ourselves helps us to take our treatments to the next level. We believe that effective skincare, combined with a moment of inner peace is the best way to let your unique glow shine through.”

Whether adding an oil to your evening ritual for a sensorial self-care moment, or selecting a treatment to address a particular skin concern, Oio Lab link scientific skin health and study with emotional, holistic self-care in the most approachable, beautiful way. This is what we mean by beauty and brains.


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