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Introducing LA FERVANCE 100% Natural Luxury Skincare

May 10, 2022 La Fervance, Skincare

When our first reaction to applying a new product is an audible “wow”, we know we’ve discovered something special. Get ready for something truly special – the Australian in-store launch of cult skincare line La Fervance. Rarely do we come across something as unique and innovative as La Fervance and we’re thrilled to introduce this beautiful, 100% natural luxury skincare range at Andersen Beauty.

“Your skin will be glowing the moment you apply this – a true pot of gold.”

Evoking the timeless luxury of the most esteemed cosmetics houses of Paris, La Fervance is in fact a thoroughly modern brand. You might notice the PARIS – MELBOURNE gold stamp that proudly adorns the iconic blue and gold jewellery box packaging. La Fervance was conceived by Melbourne-born Melissa Obeid and developed to the highest standards with integrity, passion and an unparalleled quest for excellence by a team of industry experts in France. Innovative thanks to a dedication to using only 100% natural ingredients from both Australia and France, progressive thanks to brand values that promote multi-ritual products and sustainable practices at every element, with a perfectionism that is felt at every touchpoint.

A single application of Éclat Extraordinaire will deliver the most beautiful lit-from-within radiance to the skin, while the complete La Fervance rituals excel at simplifying your skincare routine while enhancing the skin’s appearance, feel and overall condition. While we wish you could touch the glorious textures through your screen (you’ll have to stop by our Melbourne store for that), allow us to take you on the journey of La Fervance and introduce you to skincare products that once tried, you will never want to be without.


We’re proud to carry a number of brands that elevate natural skincare to a level that doesn’t compromise on a beautiful experience, object and effect. What is unique within the beauty landscape is a quintessentially Parisian luxury skincare line – with all the hallmarks of a heritage brand that will grace the beauty halls for decades to come – that is 100% natural, COSMOS certified, cleanly formulated with actives that’s results driven, featuring bespoke fragrances, and made in France. There are, quite simply, no compromises. It just hasn’t been done like this – until now.

La Fervance skincare is made in France in accordance with the most stringent global regulations and despite launching at the beginning of the global pandemic, it has found international and acclaimed success amongst conscious beauty lovers, editors and even the cast of Netflix’s Emily in Paris.

Awards and accolades include Pure Beauty Global Awards Finalist 2020, Dutch Beauty Award 2021 and Beauty Shortlist Awards 2021 Winner.


In 1800, an expedition sent by Napoleon ventured to Australia under artist Nicolas Baudin, who was instructed to collect examples of Australian flora and fauna and return them to French shores. These were particularly for Napoleon’s wife, Josephine, who was a lover of plants and of all things Australian. The Napoleonic expedition to “Terre Napoleon” was one of discovery, returning three years later with over 200 plants of Australian flora and fauna. In learning of this journey, founder Melissa Obeid (who’s own journey had taken her from Melbourne to Paris where she resides with her family) was inspired. The conception of La Fervance developed, as did intense product research, ingredient selection and a dedication to perfectionism that anchors the collection.


The debut Éclat Extraordinaire is a product unlike any other. Designed to provide an instant glow, it will beautify, moisturise, tone, lift, plump and smooth the skin while indulging the senses. Éclat Extraordinaire is the ultimate multi-functional or “Fusionistique” product, with three specific application processes, or rituals, with clinically proven results.

Morning Ritual: For an instant golden glow, apply to face and neck as the final step in your routine. Proceed as usual for a “no makeup” radiance and leave on treatment, or follow with makeup and enjoy a perfectly smooth makeup primer. The gold embellishes while the unique texture offers a silky protective veil, scientifically proven to lock in moisture and keep skin hydrated for 24 hours.

Mask Ritual: The ultimate mask for whenever skin needs a “beauty flash” pick-me-up. Apply a thick layer to cleansed skin for at least 10 minutes. The Australian mountain harvest plant complex will clear, calm and heal the skin. The French 100% double hyaluronic acid nourishes and plumps while the Mimosa (Australian wattle extract) is powerfully regenerating. When water is added, the innovative ester base will transform to an oil upon massage and become a milky emulsion that can be easily removed. Reveal skin that is lifted, plump & alive with increased circulation. Follow with your moisturiser or, even better – a thin layer of the Eclat Extraordinaire.

Sleep Ritual: Consider this your beauty sleep in a jar. Simply apply a moderate layer to the face and neck after cleansing. The optional use of a massage tool or Gua Sha stone will increase circulation, helping to lift, tone, smooth, drain excessive lymph fluid and decrease puffiness, calm stress and enhance penetration for more intense results and benefits. Eclat Extraordinaire includes Buriti oil that is rich in beta-carotene with excellent antioxidant, cooling, soothing and rejuvenating properties. It is a wonder at increasing cell turn-over, is high in vitamins A, C & E and helps protect the skin from UV damage.

Pro tip: Eclat Extraordinaire also makes an incredible décolletage treatment. We love it for both morning and evening application, leaving the delicate neck and décolleté area beautifully hydrated and nourished while imparting the most beautiful radiance and glow to the skin.

Gommage Extraordinaire is a luxurious exfoliating balm that is both incredibly gentle while active and effective. It is formulated with a sugar ester emulsion that progressively changes into an oil during massage, releasing its natural exfoliating agents and giving a slight warming sensation. The Gommage becomes milky with water allowing for effortless rinsing.

The physical exfoliating action is thanks to macadamia seed powder in combination with natural sand, organic sugar, French quartz sand powder and olive stones from Provence. It also features vegetable charcoal (from silica rich Bamboo) as well as Tropical Fruit extracts from Australia such as mango, pineapple and papaya for enzymatic exfoliation. Gommage Extraordinaire effectively eliminates impurities and irregularities caused by dead cells on the surface of the epidermis, revealing soft, smooth and glowing skin. But while we said it’s effective, it also nourishes and moisturises the skin and helps fade away uneven skin pigmentation.

Like Eclat Extraordinaire, Gommage Extraordinaire can be used in three distinct rituals.

A gentle and highly effective Exfoliant: A refreshing exfoliant enriched with mineral-rich sea water and Palmaria Palmata seaweed extract. Allow the Gommage to gently  renew the skin and stimulates cell renewal. The skin is visibly smoother with an improved texture.

A Purifying Treatment: A deeply purifying exfoliant which gently captures and eliminates all impurities (dead cells, polluting particles, excess sebum) through a formula that combines the benefits of vegetable charcoal with natural exfoliants, promoting the effective elimination of skin imperfections and tightening of the pores.

Beauty Flash Mask: Enriched with an Australian fruits complex, notably tropical AHAs and macadamia extract, the Gommage Extraordinaire can be applied as a mask for nourished, regenerated and radiant skin. Simply smooth gently onto the skin and allow the ingredients to perform their magic before rinsing off.


The ultimate “Clean Beauty” formulation, La Fervance skincare is expertly formulated in France’s leading skin research laboratory, dermatologically tested, and Certified COSMOS by Ecocert. Eclat Extraordinaire is created with over 67% actives in effective concentrations to act in perfect synergy for superior results. Ingredients have been painstakingly selected from Australian and French origin, referencing the Napoleonic expedition and combining the natural beauty of both countries.

Featuring double hyaluronic acid from 100% pure HA sources, a bio-active complex of Australian mountain plants, mimosa and jojoba extracts, baobab lifting gel, Buriti oil, Kakadu plum extract, vitamin E, 23K gold, pearly pigments and pure seawater from the French Breton coasts.

Referred to by the brand as their Black Beauty, Gommage Extraordinaire contains principal actives such as Tropical fruits grown in Australia like Mango, Papaya and Pineapple extracts. This extract complex is rich in proteolytic enzymes and has free radical scavenging activity. Including Australian Macadamia extract, Vegetable charcoal (from silica rich Bamboo), and enriched with pure seawater and French Red Algae (Palmaria seaweed) extract, it provides a wealth of magnesium, potassium, calcium, trace elements with balancing, purifying and remineralizing virtues. Natural exfoliants are also included that provide the satisfying physical exfoliation to the skin, think French quartz sand powder and olive stones from Provence – where the the La Fervance founder once lived with her family.


Unsatisfied with a mere off the shelf scent, La Fervance founder Melissa Obeid has created a custom made ‘Expedition 1800’ fragrance that underpins the Eclat Extraordinaire experience. The bespoke fragrance, thoughtfully crafted by perfume experts in Grasse France, has warm and spicy notes and is grounding and calming to the senses.


An actual pot of gold? Oui, c’est vrai! Eclat Extraordinaire contains 23K pure Italian, conflict-free gold that penetrates through the pores, helping to drain lymphatic buildup and helping to eliminate impurities. Moreover, gold activates a process of cell regeneration, stimulates the production of elastin and collagen and helps blood circulation. The skin, after continuous application, becomes more and more toned and the complexion appears warmer and more even-toned. Gold’s detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties along with its ‘insulation’ capacity help the skin to fight toxins and imparting the most natural, beautiful radiance and lustre to the skin.


We promised you there is a lot to love about La Fervance. With a typically Australian openness, La Fervance are utterly transparent in their efforts for a sustainable and truly conscious brand. These values can be seen throughout the multi-ritual conception, product choices, ingredient selection and through to packaging decisions.

The ingredients in every product are traceable and of 100% natural origins, and all ingredients are sustainably-sourced and COSMOS-certified for sustainability. All products are free from propylene glycol and micro beads, and they do not use any harsh chemicals.

With an increasing spotlight on micro plastics, we are delighted to learn La Fervance products are also micro plastic-free, and their organic ingredients are certified by Ecocert.

Let’s talk packaging. While undeniably beautiful, weighty and recognisable as a luxury brand, La Fervance packaging is 100% recyclable and COSMOS-certified, using glass primary packaging and FSC-accredited, fine Italian made papers for their cartons.


There are countless elements that make La Fervance such an incredibly special brand – we could fill a book. The glow of Eclat Extraordinaire might have lured us in but the unmatched skin benefits and joy of application keep us firmly in the La Fervance fan club. Keep an eye on The Andersen Edit as we’ll soon be introducing you to the woman behind the brand with our wonderful interview with founder Melissa Obeid. With all the style of une Parisienne, Melissa is the quintessential beauty brand founder; passionate, uncompromising and visionary.

Can’t wait to try the golden glow for yourself? If you’re in Melbourne, drop by our flagship store to discover La Fervance skincare and experience the exquisite products on your skin. As Napoleon found himself falling in love with Australian flora and fauna, we find ourselves firmly in love with La Fervance.


Learn more about La Fervance skincare and make sure you’re following us on Instagram and Facebook to be first to hear about exclusive offers and events.


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