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October 12, 2022 Flora Mirabilis, Skincare

Flora Mirabilis is one of those special beauty brands that isn’t just about results, or just about packaging – or just about the name behind it. In Flora Mirabilis’ case, all these elements combine with so many more to create a collection of products that are a complete joy to use – and trusted part of your routine for skin health.

Founders Jordan and Christopher live in Los Angeles, where they run Studio Flora Mirabilis; a 100-year old storybook cottage originally owned by Charlie Chaplin. She formulates products, provides facial services and skin care consulting, while he art directs and produces visual content for the company.

Meet Flora Mirabilis

Skin expert and LA resident Jordan LaFragola has spent her career as an esthetician fully immersed in health and beauty. Beginning in 2008 in one of Manhattan’s leading spas performing high-tech facials and laser treatments, she has worked with top Beverly Hills plastic surgeons and provided thousands of facial treatments to her global clientele in elite Los Angeles spas. Combining this hands-on knowledge with immense research and development, in collaboration with partner Christopher Cuseo Flora Mirabilis was born.

“I have talked with thousands of clients and witnessed firsthand the results of different products and routines on people’s skin. I learned that treating your skin with a minimal amount of healthy, natural ingredients makes it look its best in the long run,” explains Jordan.

“My vision was to create a formula that would do everything you would want a skin care product to do and for it to genuinely improve your skin’s health.”

The Debut Flora Mirabilis Face Oil

“I came up with a list of ingredients that were proven to be skin-safe and had the attributes that I was looking for – moisturizing, brightening, balancing, softening, restorative and preventative.”

The Face Oil is handcrafted in small batches from 10 transformative plant-based ingredients that deliver a full range of results in a single step. “It took a lot of fine-tuning and hundreds of iterations before landing on our current formula.”

The first thing you might notice if the scent; warming, calming and completely addictive – and yet the Flora Mirabilis Face Oil doesn’t contain any ingredient solely for the purpose of adding fragrance. “It is scented entirely by it’s active ingredients…When choosing the ingredients, though, I gravitated towards certain fragrance categories – woods, resins, and deeper florals. I envisioned wanting the oil to smell earthy, exotic, and captivating. Something that you couldn’t get enough of.

The Face Oil is a rich, velvety oil. It’s deeply moisturizing, yet feels soft and lightweight on the skin and has garnered a cult global following. The formula has been third-party tested in a clinical setting by dermatologists to verify its safety and efficacy. In the trials, there were zero negative skin reactions across the board, certifying the formula as hypoallergenic and non-irritating to all skin types.

The Ethos Behind The Brand

Flora Mirabilis Face Oil is EWG Verified. This program recognizes products that meet the Environmental Working Group’s strictest standards for your health. This means they use no ingredients of concern and provide full transparency in the manufacturing process.

Proudly a Leaping Bunny Certified company, this means that the Flora Mirabilis products and the ingredients used are certifiably cruelty-free and tested only on humans, never on animals. The formulas are vegan, and contain no animal products.

The finished product is the result of strenuous research and passion. “I did a ton of research on natural ingredients when I began formulating it. I read countless research papers and scientific studies and poured over the chemical composition breakdowns of different ingredients. I came up with a list of ingredients that were proven to be skin-safe and had the attributes that I was looking for- moisturizing, brightening, balancing, softening, restorative and preventative. I then narrowed it down to the ingredients that were the most potent and, from there, began experimenting with different combinations to achieve the perfect synergistic effect. For example, oils that contain oleic fatty acids work well with dry skin, and oils that contain linoleic fatty acids are better suited for oily skin; the blend of carrier oils in our FACE OIL contains an equal balance of both, so it works well with all skin types.”

This integrity and quest for excellence travels through to the stunning packaging, “All our packaging is made from recycled materials, with hand-applied stickers and a wax seal to give it that artisanal touch.” 

The One-Of-A-Kind Packaging

Artisanal and luxurious, co-founder and fine artist Christopher collaborated with Jordan to design the unique and beautiful packaging. The Face Oil is presented in a white glass bottle with a lacquered wood cap and Renaissance-inspired floral motif. Extending beyond aesthetics, the bottle features a practical dropper that ensures only the perfect amount of this precious elixir is dispensed.

“Our designs are very much inspired by shapes and colors from the Renaissance, which was a time when beauty and craftsmanship were paramount.”

New Launch Cleansing Clay

We’re thrilled to launch the new Flora Mirabilis Cleansing Clay, which perfectly complements the Face Oil for a minimalist skincare routine. This formula is gentle, deep cleansing and doesn’t dry the skin. The Cleansing Clay goes on like a cream and emulsifies to a silky lather with water, washing clean and leaving skin soft, smooth, and perfectly cleansed. Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with Flora Mirabilis founder, Jordan who will share the story behind the new launch and her tips for best using it.

In The Press

“Esthetician Jordan LaFragola created a facial so popular at The Beverly Hills Hotel that she has since branched off to start her own practice and signature oil blend.”” – THE ZOE REPORT

“The most powerful skin-enhancing compounds found in nature make up the ultra-clean facial moisturizer that’s good for all genders and skin types… the combination also creates an intoxicating and complex scent of wood, resin, and botanicals.” – FORBES

“Aesthetician Jordan LaFragola’s keen eye for detail is hard to miss, from her jewel-box sanctuary tucked inside Charlie Chaplin’s former West Hollywood home to her all-natural facials.” – VARIETY

You can discover the Flora Mirabilis skincare range both online and in-store at our Melbourne flagship. For help with the products or personalised skincare recommendations drop us an email at or speak to us via our Live Chat.

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