How to avoid burnout

November 28, 2023 Wellness

How to avoid burnout (especially this festive period)

We’re busier than ever juggling multiple responsibilities and wearing more than a few different ‘hats’; in work, home life, relationships and caregiving. How often have you felt the demands, expectations and time pressure overwhelming? We hear you and we’ve got 5 reminders for how to avoid burnout these holidays.

The festive period is jam packed with parties, activities, errands, and shopping pressures. If your calendar is filled to the brim, making sure that self care is on the schedule can be difficult – but is also vital to your wellbeing.

how to avoid burnout during the festive period

Re-establish your priorities

Make a list of what’s truly important

If you’re feeling spread particularly thin at this time of year, it might be time to reassess your To Do list. What really matters right now – and what can be rescheduled for another time?

You can also redirect your concentration during the day to the smaller task at play to avoid letting overwhelm take over. For example; when you’re completing a task try not to jump to something else until you’ve completed it. It will help you tick off that list and regain a sense of completion. If you’re having dinner with a friend, be engaged and present. Don’t play around with your phone or try to be two places at once. If you’ve kept the dinner on your list it is a priority and you should gift it your full attention.

Saying no

It’s ok to opt out

Saying no can be an incredibly empowering tool to learn and one that will overhaul your sense of overwhelm. Particularly during the holidays, saying yes to the commitments you have the mental, physical and emotional space for – and no to the ones you don’t, will fill your schedule with what’s really important to you.

If you know you don’t have the ability to really be present at that dinner party, politely decline or reschedule for after the holidays when things have calmed down. Prioritise those activities that will fuel your energy and allocate time to rest and recharge. If you struggle with saying no, try allocating time on your actual calendar (or iCal) for self care. When you’re asked if you’re free for a meet-up, seeing that time physically blocked out can make it easier to decline the invitation. After all, you’re busy that day – taking care of you.

Ask for help to avoid burnout

We don’t have to go it alone

Put your hand up if you like things done a certain way, a certain time…your way? The problem with micromanaging every task at this time of year is can lead to you feeling overwhelmed by all the things you alone can do.

People love to help, but they can’t read your mind. Asking loved ones for help might mean asking them to take the lead with wrapping gifts or ticking off a few names on the present list. Perhaps it’s asking someone to bring a plate to the dinner party rather than handle it solo, or requesting a night of babysitting so you can have a few extra hours to spend however you need to. Clear communication with those around you will help them understand that you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and enable them to pitch in to lift some of the pressure.

how to avoid burnout during the holidays

Practice healthy habits

Sleeping, eating, exercising

It’s often the simple things that can make a huge difference to your sense of wellbeing. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep at night, eating healthy meals during the day and exercising regularly to help give you the energy to take on all the commitments at this time of year.

It doesn’t mean declining that mince pie or glass of red, but making conscious choices to prioritise your healthy lifestyle will help fuel your energy levels. If you’re struggling to sleep, try switching any devices to night mode to avoid blue light. Limit your caffeine after 3pm in the afternoon and create a bedtime ritual to help wind down.

how to avoid burnout

Seek Support

It’s ok to not be ok

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and need support, reach out to someone in your life and let them know you’re not ok. Help is available by calling Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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