Refined skincare essentials to nourish, balance and revitalize.

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F Miller. High performance essentials that never compromise on integrity, people, or the planet.

No: Compromises, Cruelty, Greenwashing, Over-complication

YES: Efficacy, Ethical Sourcing, Transparency, Sustainability, Environmental Responsibility

F Miller In the press:

“F Miller Oils have been gaining a lot of traction in beauty lately, and rightly so. They can instantly brighten skin with a nutrient-packed punch, create a hydrated base for cosmetics that won’t alter the texture of your products (unlike many cream moisturisers), and are an ideal touch-up tool for a day’s worn-in makeup.

We recommend Canadian brand F. Miller to those interested in adding oils to their beauty regime. Its tight edit of products includes a face oil, oil cleanser, eye oil, shave oil, and hair oil all of which are vegan and packaged in the brand’s ultra-chic bottles.

Those who are extra eco-conscious will be glad to know that all of those bottles, and the boxes they come in, are made of recyclable material and printed in a facility powered by Bullfrog – a green energy provider dedicated to reducing the environmental footprint of production in Canada. Best of all, the vegan formulations are highly effective, transforming split ends and irritated skin within a few applications.” – WALLPAPER* MAGAZINE

Meet the F. Miller Founder:
Fran Miller

I started F. Miller in 2014 because I couldn’t find the skincare I wanted — a pared-back roster of select staples, luxurious in their inherent minimalism. Effective natural products created from the highest quality ingredients and meticulously formulated for daily use.

Starting with our now signature Face Oil, I worked alongside a cosmetic chemist to construct an expertly balanced blend of 22 active botanical ingredients that at once cultivate luminous skin, deliver multi-correctional results, and deeply nourish all skin types.

In the last seven years I’ve maintained the same strict standards for each material I source and any product I introduce to the collection: We use certified organic and ethically wildcrafted ingredients whenever possible, taking care to partner directly with mindful manufacturers around the world. Every product is multi-tasking and multi-use, designed for versatility and seamless layering. Our herbal infusions are crafted in-house and we hand blend each formula in small batches to maintain freshness and efficacy. We prioritize eco-friendly, responsibly sourced packaging materials and are committed to minimizing waste and footprint.

The line remains a tight edit of highly selective, holistically timeless, effortless essentials. All you need, for any time.

F. MILLER is guided by transparency and environmental and social consciousness. We believe it is our responsibility to prioritize ethical, sustainable practices in all areas of our business and we are continually looking for new, innovative solutions to evolve and improve on what we do.


Each ingredient we use is gathered ethically, organic when possible, and sourced from its native growing region for maximum efficacy and minimal environmental stress.

Each formula is 100% toxin-free, biodegradable, and created using unrefined ingredients and strict extraction methods.


We work with TerraCycle’s Zero Waste recycling program to maintain an almost entirely waste-free facility.

We prioritize mindful studio practices when it comes to water, energy and material consumption.

We stock our studio with eco-friendly, biodegradable, recyclable supplies that often come from 100% post-consumer waste and aim to purchase these locally from our neighbourhood retailers as often as we can.


We strive to use biodegradable, recyclable and reusable packaging with the highest content of post-consumer waste whenever possible.

Our bottles and boxes are printed locally in a facility powered by Bullfrog: green energy that comes from clean, renewable sources, reducing footprint and environmental impact in Canada.

Our glass bottles are individually printed by hand using vegetable-based ink. Our bottle closures are made using 100% recycled plastic.

Our boxes are made locally from 100% FSC-certified and Rainforest Alliance-certified paper, printed with vegetable-based ink.

Our shipping boxes, shipping labels, parcel tape, note cards and stickers are all made from 100% post-consumer waste. These materials are all produced locally and are entirely recyclable and/or compostable.


We encourage you to keep our glass product bottles and our washed paper Essential Bag and reuse or repurpose them when possible.

F Miller

Words from F. Miller’s founder, Fran Miller

“I initially dreamt up the brand about 9 years ago, selfishly, with the aim of addressing my own skincare needs. I had always struggled with skin sensitivities and breakouts, and only began seeing results upon shifting my routine to a simpler, cleaner, more nourishing one, led by an intuitive approach. At the time, I found most of my skincare options to feel overwhelming, complicated, ineffective, and/or unattainable. I believed that I could fill this noticeable gap for thoughtful non-toxic skincare essentials that also resonated with values of transparency, sustainability and beautiful design.”

“The Eye Oil is probably my top travel must-have, due its endless multi-functional abilities. I use it on lips and cuticles in addition to the eye area, it’s an instant brightener for tired skin, and the perfect size for any bag.”

“Listen to what your skin is telling you and prioritize a supportive approach rather than attacking your skin with a million different things. Also, water.”

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