“Covid Hands” – it’s a thing.

November 29, 2021 Bath & Body

Prior to 2020 few of us thought about how long we should be washing our hands for. Twenty seconds, as it turns out, is a good starting point. That’s one round of Happy Birthday we’ve since learned, depending on who’s singing.

But it’s not just how long, it’s how often. And the answer to that one is a lot. With all this hand washing and frequent hand sanitizing (hello 70% minimum alcohol), we’re not alone in noticing the backs of our hands are seriously suffering. Dry, thinning skin and crepiness is a frequent concern, as are rough cuticles, splintering nails and an overall lack of moisture.

With all this hand protection, never before has there been such demand for hand care. We’re talking hydrating washes, balmy moisturisers, handbag-friendly hand creams and even gentle sanitizers – seriously, they exist and we’ve got the scoop on the best ones that also smell incredible. We’ve even got the low down on a secret facial skincare product we’ve morphed into a multi-tasking hand care miracle worker. Covid-hands? We’ve got you.

Our belief is if you have to sanitize, you might as well do it in style. Enter Ashley & Co’s Hand Zap. A hand sanitizer from a fragrance brand? We’re in. Hand Zap in Peppy & Lucent not only smells incredible (thanks to a combination of basil leaf, lemongrass, patchouli and crushed mint) it also feels incredible due to ingredients like aloe vera, glycerin and essential oils. You’ll find it dotted around our store, and we even have customers going back for more just for the incredible scent. Keep those hands protected, and smelling good. Win-win.

We have an incredible range of hand lotions and creams in store whether you like it rich and perfumed or light and fragrance-free.

Henné Organic’s Luxury Hand Cream in Blomma is perfect for on the go and always a style statement to pull from your handbag.

Meraki’s Hand Cream in Pure is a fave for lad’s who love the minimalist packaging and lack of lingering fragrance.

Our current kitchen sink companion is Ashley & Co’s Wash Up and Sootherup; a whimsical fragrance of lily, ginger and mimosa in a practical pump bottle – but there’s also a weekend-bag friendly option in Soothetube. And by the bathroom basin we’re loving Nuori’s Enriched Hand and Body Wash and Lotion duo which not only looks incredibly chic, but also smells heavenly and nourishes the skin.

When it comes to sore, fragile hands in need of a little repair and extra TLC, ilapothecary’s SOS Body Balm is a nourishing, soothing balm with a heavenly scent of sandalwood, vanilla and rose. We love applying this not only to hands but anywhere in need of extra care like cuticles, elbows, heels and dry patches.

Here at Andersen Beauty we love finding crafty ways of turning our favourite products into multi-tasking miracle workers. Our latest beauty hack features Nuori’s Supreme Moisture Mask. While we love slathering this hydrating mask on our face, we’re also up for dosing our hands in it of an evening. After a day of all that happy birthday singing, try smoothing the mask onto the backs of your hands before bed and waking up to incredibly soft, nourished skin. Spending a few hours at the desk? Slather some on the backs of your hands between emails and you’ll have soft, hydrated hands before the 3pm biscuit break.

Keep washing those hands, and stay healthy, hydrated and happy.

For a limited time spend over $60 on any Ashley & Co hand & body care and receive a complimentary Soothe & Zap valued at $25. Strictly while stocks last, limited to one per order. Gift will be automatically included with your order, no code required.


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