Ready, Set, Glow: a Scandinavian Beauty Routine with Lernberger Stafsing

August 10, 2023 Skincare

Our Scandinavian Beauty Routine, Morning Edition

The Scandinavian beauty aesthetic is minimal and natural, with a punch of that effortless nordic cool thrown in for good measure. So what does a Scandinavian beauty morning routine look like? We’ve put together a simple – but seriously effective – skincare routine featuring some heroes from Lernberger Stafsing; the Swedish glow-giving brand that’s all about Scandinavian beauty.


The cleanser for Scandi-clean skin

If you’re keeping the rest of your beauty routine minimal, you want your skin to be as healthy and radiant as possible. After all, clearer skin equals less foundation. Cleansing your skin effectively is the first step. What do we mean by effectively? Lernberger Stafsing Gel Cleanser thoroughly cleanses the skin of makeup, environmental grime and excess oil without stripping it off its natural oils and damaging the all important skin barrier. That part is KEY. This gel cleanser lightly foams for a really fresh skin feeling, and is suitable for all skin types.


Should you use a toner?

We’re huge advocates for the use of a toner (often called an essence, tonic, face mist or spritz) after cleansing. A long way from the alcohol-rich toners you might have experienced, this step should never strip your skin but really help strengthen and replenish. A toner can have many functions, such as;

Remove any residue left behind during cleansing

Further purify the skin to help improve congestion and blackheads

Gently exfoliate to minimise breakouts and clear acne-prone skin

Replenish the skin with moisture after exposure to cleansing and/or harsh water

Balance the skin’s pH level

With a long list of functions, it’s important to choose the right toner for you and your skin goals. We love the Lernberger Stafsing Toner because its jam packed with hard-working ingredients that really benefit the skin in several ways and is suitable for just about everyone. In a handy spritz bottle, the refreshing face mist helps to reduce redness, neutralises the skin’s pH level and strengthens the skin’s outer barrier.

How does it work? Botanical extracts provide long-time moisturization while at the same time calming and reducing the appearance of pore size and the visible effects of environmental pollution and stress. Niacinamide, Tazman Pepper and essential minerals helps reduce the appearance of skin redness and strengthen the skin’s outer barrier. You’ll hear us talk a lot about protecting the skin’s barrier, and particularly in harsh environments (hello Nordics and Southern Hemisphere) this is imperative for skin health.


Choosing the right Lernberger Stafsing serum for you

While the Lernberger Stafsing Gel Cleanser and Toner can be used for all skin types and conditions, the serum step is where you can really take your skincare routine up a level, and customise it to your own needs. Lernberger Stafsing serums are expertly formulated for results and focus on three key skin goals; boosting moisture, improving blemishes, and reducing the appearance of skin aging. We suggest choosing just one for your morning routine to keep things quick and simple for the AM. A second serum – or a repeat application – may be beneficial in your evening routine.

Moisture Boost Serum

If your skin feels tight or dry, has tell-tale dehydration lines, or your makeup isn’t sitting seamlessly on your skin you might be in desperate need of moisture! The Lernberger Stafsing Moisture Boost Serum is supercharged for moisturising, softening and repairing the skin.

This skin plumping serum containing ingredients that provide triple moisturising action to help prevent skin from drying out. Botanical extracts, a polysaccharide and Hyaluronic acid immediately and intensely moisturise, soften, soothe, repair and give a soft-touch texture to the skin. Xylitol boosts the skin’s own production of Hyaluronic acid and strengthens the skin’s outer barrier for ongoing benefits.

Anti Blemish Serum

If your skin is oily, blemish-prone or combination this might be your new secret weapon. The Anti Blemish Serum calms redness and reduces irritation. It helps to clear blemishes, unclog pores and even out skin tone. Salicylic acid has a soft peeling effect and ensures that the pores are kept clean from dirt and bacteria – vital to prevent future breakouts. Niacinamide and Magnolia bark extract combat breakouts and help to reduce the appearance of blemishes and red spots.

We don’t think anyone needs to struggle through breakouts and this gentle yet hard-working serum is fabulous for teen skin, or those experiencing blemishes at any time of life. When using this serum in your morning routine, be sure to follow with an application of SPF.

Anti Age Serum

So you’ve started to see a few more lines, perhaps you’re feeling less firmness and bounce in your skin, and may be noticing a change in your skin texture. You might be experiencing an increase in pigmentation, age spots, and are looking for a serum that can deliver your best skin.

The Lernberger Stafsing Anti Age Serum is a fast-acting serum with Bulbine fruitescens and Matrixyl Morphomics, a high-strength peptide to provide elasticity, firmness and stimulates the collagen synthesis. It contains fast acting anti-wrinkle and restructuring properties that visibly reduces the signs of ageing. Bulbine fruitescens and Matrixyl Morphomics.

Hydration is always key in skin health, and the Anti Age Serum also contains Hyaluronic acid that moisturizes in depth while Xylitol boosts the skins own production of Hyaluronic acid and strengthens the skins outer barrier.

Lernberger Stafsing Australia


The everyday Day Cream

Keeping your morning routine simple is key to a Scandinavian beauty routine. The Lernberger Stafsing Day Cream does just that – with a few supercharged ingredients to prove it’s about function, not just form.

This weightless formulation combines moisturising ingredients with antioxidants to smooth, soften and protect. The Day Cream is rich in powerful antioxidants that protect your skin from premature ageing. A complex of polysaccharide, Hyaluronic acid and Squalane deeply moisturise, soften, soothe, repair while delivering a soft-touch texture to skin. Niacinamide and Plum fruit extract reduce the appearance of skin redness and strengthen the skins outer barrier.

This lightweight day cream is fast absorbing and suitable for all skin types. Very dry skin? Try adding a few drops of the divine Facial Oil for intense nourishment. For supercharged results, amp up your morning routine with the Eye Cream that is our secret weapon for depuffing, hydrating the delicate skin around the eyes, and minimising dark circles.

Where can I shop Lernberger Stafsing?

The complete Lernberger Stafsing skincare collection is available at our Melbourne store, and online at

We can help customise your Scandinavian beauty routine according to your specific skin goals. Contact us for guidance and suggestions from the Lernberger Stafsing range. Already an LS super fan? Take a look at the wider range that includes some targeted masks and creams that really advance your skincare routine to the next level.

SOS Barrier Repair Cream: a 24-hour multi-action cream with instant calming benefits to relieve an irritated, stressed or dry skin.

Overnight Retinol Mask: a transformative mask that delivers intense hydration and improves firmness overnight.

Volcanic Rock Scrub: a unique blend of exotic and detoxifying ingredients that will leave skin smoother and brighter.

Advanced Clarifying Acid Clay Mask: the ultimate all-in-one deep cleansing mask combining both clays and acids that will clarify, detoxify and exfoliate to reveal radiant skin.

AHA/BHA Feel Gel Mask: a high-performing complex of acids to instantly reduce pore size and dissolve impurities to reveal radiant skin.

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