A Facialist’s 5 Simple Skincare Tips

December 7, 2023 Skincare

Notes from a Facialist: 5 simple skincare tips you can do at home

At best you might see a Facialist every 4-6 weeks.  At worst, it could be months – or years – between visits. During those times when magic hands and pricey tech may be out of reach, there are a few simple steps you can do at home to complement the work done in the treatment room. Here are a Facialist’s 5 simple skincare tips to do at home – no appointment necessary.

It’s not about how, but when you’re cleansing

You already know cleansing is the foundation of a good skincare routine. But if you’re getting home at 6pm each day, and not cleansing until 10, you’re missing out on some serious clean-skin time. Not only is makeup, sunscreen, pollution and grime sitting on your skin for longer than necessary, you’re also losing valuable skin repairing hours.

Create a new habit by cleansing your face as soon as you return home for the day. Not only will you avoid the 11pm “I’m too tired, maybe I’ll skip it” internal debate, you’ll likely also perform a longer, more thorough cleanse for not rushing. Most importantly, you’ll gain hours of treatment time when your skin will benefit from all the advanced ingredients in your PM products. If you’re using a vitamin A derivative like retinol, that’s valuable time for your skin to regenerate and repair without being exposed to UV. It’s a simple step, and all it takes is switching up your daily routine.

Your pillowcase is part of your skincare routine

How does your white shirt collar looks after a couple of days of wear? Makeup, perspiration, and products like perfume and deodorant all leave their mark. Despite your best cleansing efforts, oftentimes traces of makeup remain on your skin of an evening that end up on your pillow. Add to this the skincare product residue like night creams, balms and facial oils, and you have a whole lot of invisible build-up on your pillowcase come morning.

While washing your sheets might we a weekly occurrence, we suggest adding a bi-weekly pillowcase change for maintaining healthy skin – especially if you’re struggling with congestion, blackheads or oiliness. Changing them even more frequently? You’re our skincare hero.

Thorough cleansing means mascara too.

No judgement, but we’re shook by how many people are cleansing their skin while sleeping in their mascara and/or eye makeup. The 90s vibe of morning-after mascara might be in, but sensitive eyes (redness, irritation and the odd sty) is definitely not.

Sleeping in your eye makeup not only leaves a mess on your pillowcase, it can cause puffiness, redness and sensitivity at best – and serious infections at worse. The skin around the eyes is thinner and particularly delicate, with little oil protection. Always cleanse this area gently, avoid rough wiping or tugging, and apply a soothing and hydrating texture like Ipsum Eye Oil Balm to calm the area when you’re home.

Avoid multiple exfoliants in one sitting

It’s temping, we know. An exfoliating blitz delivers instant gratification like soft, smooth skin and that reflective glow on the point of your nose. But while the short term results might delight, you could be causing damage to your skin barrier that will take multiple in-treatment sessions to repair.

Your skin’s natural moisture barrier is it’s most important feature. It designed to protect from external aggressors. Attacking this barrier with multiple chemical and physical exfoliating products in one night can impair it’s ability to function, meaning it’s vulnerable to sensitivity, redness, dryness – and flare-ups may be on their way. Keep the exfoliation to once or twice a week, with a product that suits your skin’s strength and condition, and leave the heavy lifting to your Facialist.

A couple of our favourites include NUORI Gentle Glow Tonic and LA FERVANCE Gommage Extraordinaire. 

Your hands are your best friends

Magic hands might be a term reserved for your Facialist, but your hands are actually your skin’s best friend. Much of the results you see straight after your facial treatment are thanks to improved circulation, lymphatic drainage, muscle relaxation and various lifting movements – many of which can be done at home! Master a few basic massage strokes and you’ll fill the gap between facials to maintain these results.

Try incorporating some stimulating massage while cleansing (Ipsum Cleansing Oil Balm works beautifully!), and some slower movements when applying a facial oil or moisturiser. Try VENN Advanced Multi Perfecting Red Oil Serum and follow with NUORI Infinity Bio Renewal Night. Add some gentle pressing and tapping steps around the inner corners of the eyes, sides of the nose, besides the ears and down the neck to stimulate de-puffing and drainage.

Need more in-depth guidance?

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A facialist's 5 simple skincare tips


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