6 Tips To Increasing Your Daily Water Intake

January 31, 2024 Wellness

Wellness Wednesday: 6 tips to increasing your daily water intake

Are you drinking enough water? It’s the ultimate beauty ingredient. Current health guidance states women should aim for about two litres (or 8 cups) of water per day, while 10 cups is suggested for men. It doesn’t sound like a lot does it? But we all know that the day can fly by without you refilling that glass on your desk – and we have some ideas! Here are our 6 tips to increasing your daily water intake and feeling all the benefits of upping that H2O.

Add a flavour boost to your water

Think water is just bland AF? Add a squeeze or slice of lemon or lime, or some strawberries, cucumber or mint leaves to plain water if you need a flavour boost. ⁠Get creative with combinations using fresh herbs, fruits and berries and they’ll not only taste amazing but look good too!

See it, drink it

Keep a glass of water on your desk throughout the day, and make it a morning practice to fill it with fresh water. Feel your eyes getting heavy or getting a touch of screen fatigue? It might be a sign you’re dehydrated and a good time to down a glass – and refill! If you’re not at your desk on the daily, keep a bottle of water in your bag when out & about…the more you drink, the lighter the bottle in your bag to carry around all day!

Turn wine into water

If a glass of vino is your dinner table staple, switch up your tipple and make it your routine to drink some water with each meal and snack.⁠ It doesn’t mean giving up that glass of red, but alternating with some hydrating water will have you feeling – and sleeping – better come morning. During the day, pair your snack with a glass of water. It’s an easy way of adding in a glass or two each day.

Get bougie with flavoured ice cubes

Channel your inner bartender by freezing some fresh fruit into an ice cube tray and add to your glass of water. ⁠The instagram-friendly tip will have your boring glass of water transformed into something fancy and you – and your guests – will drink it up.

Sparkling water at home

Prefer bubbles? You don’t have to settle for still if it doesn’t float your boat. Sparkling doesn’t have to mean the expense of bottled (and often high in salt) sparkling waters. Consider adding a home soda water maker to your kitchen bench for fresh sparkling straight from the tap!⁠

Break out the good crystal!

Make a wellness moment of drinking water by treating yourself to some new glassware or bring out the vintage “good” crystal!⁠ Often reserved for a fancy brandy or special occasion, a crystal tumbler, stemmed wine glass or even the “nicer” glasses you have at the back of the cupboard make drinking a glass of water an elevated moment for you. Cheers!

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how to increase your daily water intake


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